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   Chapter 572 Everything Settled (Ⅱ)

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Listening to Qilian Qingyi's words, Yvning turned to look at Qingyan, who was standing aside. He found there was a complicated expression on her face, and he didn't know if she was thinking about what Qilian Qingyi had said.

"Qilian Qingyi, you are still speaking for Weisheng Junyan when you are about die. In fact, Xuanyuan Hao won't have chosen you if you were not so stupid." Yvning looked at Qilian Qingyi and said in a low voice. "So what? Xuanyuan Hao is dead, and he was also killed by Yifu as well. "

When Qilian Qingyi had seen Xuanyuan Hao's body, she had even wondered if Yvning had killed him at the beginning. But he hadn't expected that the person who had killed Xuanyuan Hao would actually be Junmo.

But that was true. If Junmo knew the truth, how could he not personally kill Xuanyuan Hao?

However, after all, no one had told Junmo that Xuanyuan Hao was the ringleader at that time. At the thought of this, a cold shiver went down from the back of Qilian Qingyi, as if Yvning was an evil ghost from hell.

"How does Junmo know that Xuanyuan Hao is the manipulator behind this?" Qilian Qingyi raised her head and looked at Yvning. "You knew it was Xuanyuan Hao from the very beginning?"

Yvning nodded with a serious look. "In the first year after my mother's death, I had been secretly investigating the cause of her death, but I finally found out that everything turned out to be Xuanyuan Hao. I only knew that he had a relationship with aunt. Later on, we pushed the boat with the current circumstances, but I didn't expect that we would find a bigger conspiracy, that was Xuanyuan Hao wanted to kill Weisheng Junyan so he could become the emperor. However, Yifu definitely won't allow such a thing to happen, so he has helped me kill Xuanyuan Hao. " Yvning said to Qilian Qingyi with his back to her, "but you must have not expected that Qilian Qinglang Qi was also Xuanyuan Hao's man, and he has greater ambition t

." Looking at Weisheng Yvjun, Qilian Qingyi called out in a low voice, "I'm sorry, son." She wanted to hold Weisheng Yvjun's hand, and he wanted to refuse her, but in the end he still held her hand.

"Yvjun, I'm sorry. I'm always designing for myself, as if I've never thought about you. You're right. I'm not a qualified mother." Looking at Weisheng Yvjun, Qilian Qingyi said in a low voice, "Yvjun, you and Xiuran are the ones I feel most sorry for you."

Gazing at the facial expressions of Qilian Qingyi, Weisheng Yvjun closed his eyes and held her in his arms. "Mother, you didn't do anything wrong to me. You just failed the deceased empress. As for Xiuran, I've met this man before." He lowered his head to look at the face of Qilian Qingyi.

Qilian Qingyi seemed to be calm as if she didn't feel the pain at all.

"Don't worry, mother. I will plead with my brother to bury you as Taihou." Weisheng Yvjun held onto Qilian Qingyi's hand tightly in the end.

"Xiuran, you're finally here to pick me up. I'm tired of living this life, and I don't want to be grounded in the imperial palace for the rest of my life," said Qilian Qingyi as she raised her hand and touched Weisheng Yvjun's face.

With the word "Okay" uttered by Weisheng Yvjun, Qilian Qingyi closed her eyes feebly.

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