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   Chapter 571 Everything Settled (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 5810

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Looking at the woman who was standing in front of her, Qilian Qingyi stepped back in frustration and fell to the ground. "Qilian Qingyan, as long as I'm alive, I'm still the empress!"

Qingyan looked at her and nodded. She said indifferently, "you are indeed the empress! You have never been the empress in Yvning's eyes. Do you think you can be Taihou? "

Yes! Yvning had never respected her, so how could she be Taihou? She had thought that she could get everything by Weisheng Yvjun, but she lost everything. At the last moment, Weisheng Yvjun remembered what had happened.

She had really thought that she could easily take advantage of Weisheng Yvjun. But it turned out that... Moreover, Weisheng Yvjun was her son, but he always remembered how nice Qilian Qingyan was. How could she stand it?

"Qilian Qingyi, you lost." Looking at Qilian Qingyi, Qingyan continued, "I came back for revenge and to witness the pathetic fates of you and Weisheng Junyan, but now I don't feel happy at all."

"Qilian Qingyan, don't think that I don't know what you are thinking about. You just want to get everything. Even if you have got it now, so what?" "I didn't lose. I am still the biggest winner."

Qingyan nodded differently. "You're right. You're the biggest winner, and then?" "You're still bullied by me like before," Qingyan continued with a smug smile. As she spoke, she stepped on Qilian Qingyi's chest. She looked down at her and asked, "how does it feel to be trampled on?"

Even Qilian Qingyi had never been humiliated like this before. She didn't understand why Qingyan, who looked so petite, was so powerful.

"What do you think?" "I'll make you accompany Xiuran, okay?" Qingyan continued smilingly.

"Su Qingyan, you'

or not. I came here just to seek a truth. "

"Truth?" Looking at Lola, Amanda tilted her head and asked, "Tina, what truth do you want?"

"You know that? Why did you kill my mother? " Yvning looked at Qilian Qingyi and said calmly, "even if you don't tell me, I have a way to know it."

"That's because I thought it was Qilian Qingyan who took everything from me." "So I have joined with Marquis Anguo and my brother to slander her, saying that the Nanchen Kingdom will collapse because of a woman, and that woman was Qilian Qingyan.'' Qilian Qingyi said and pointed at Qingyan. "At that time, Xuanyuan Hao gave me advice. But I really didn't expect that Xuanyuan Hao would walk for Xuanyuan Hao..." Qilian Qingyi stammered, but the most important thing was that Weisheng Junyan also knew the existence of Xuanyuan Hao.

At that time, Xuanyuan Hao was the one who suggested Weisheng Junyan to marry Qilian Qingyan. At that time, Qilian Yvran had already been married to the Donghe Kingdom, while Xuanyuan Hao also didn't want to spend the rest of his life with Junmo. However, at last, none of them had ever thought that they would end up like this.

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