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   Chapter 570 New Emperor (Ⅲ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6383

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The next morning.

At the gate of the imperial palace, Yvning was waiting for Qingyan and Jingxuan in person. When Qingyan and Jingxuan saw Yvning, who was dressed in bright yellow, they greeted, "Your Majesty."

Qingyan looked at the expression on Qingyan's face and reached out his hands to help her up. "Don't be so courteous. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have become the emperor."

"Is that woman still in the Kunning Palace?" "I want to see that woman," Qingyan said in a low voice, looking at Yvning.

Yvning looked at Qingyan and said with a smile, "everything is under our control. After we deal with everything, I will arrange you to go back to the Donghe Kingdom."

Qingyan looked at Yvning and nodded earnestly. "Yvning, I well put off the plan to go back to the Donghe Kingdom. I have other things to do."

Yvning knew what she wanted to do and he nodded seriously.

Yvning told an eunuch to take Qingyan to the Kunning Palace, while Jingxuan followed Yvning to the the Yvshu Library.

Even without the guidance of the eunuch by, Qingyan could find the direction of the Kunning Palace. The eunuch obviously didn't expect her to be so familiar with the imperial palace. But when he thought of her face, he soon seemed to understand something.

After all, she was the only woman worthy the respect of his majesty, the emperor.

"You go to accompany Yvning first." At the sight of the name 'Kunning Palace' on the tablet, Qingyan turned to the eunuch, "I can do it myself."

The eunuch smiled at Qingyan and left.

Although he didn't believe in the legend of "returning to life after death", he believed it was still a question. He glanced at Qingyan and found her eyes were the same as the deceased empress. However, she had a cruel and ruthless character.

When Qingyan pushed the door open, she saw Qilian Qingyi sitting on the ground in a mess. The scars on her body rem

an Qingyan, how could you make my son follow your words?"

"Aren't your scars the gifts from Yvjun?" Qingyan looked at Qilian Qingyi, and said calmly, "Yvjun has remembered everthing, right? Or he just forgot the memory of his childhood. As for the son raised by me, I know better than you that he is not as gentle and considerate as you think. " Qingyan covered her mouth and giggled, "that's because I treat him well! Isn't it the duty of a son to be grateful? "

After listening to Qingyan, Qilian Qingyi thought of the accusations that had happened yesterday evening. She collapsed on the ground.

She was not qualified to be a mother. Weisheng Yvjun had been brought up by Qilian Qingyan, she didn't have a very good relationship with Weisheng Yvjun. Sometimes she would send somebody to bully Weisheng Yvjun, hoping that Weisheng Yvjun would know that she was a better mother than that woman, but she was unable to do anything. She Weisheng Yvjun was infected with small pox, she left him.

She was indeed the winner in the battle between her and Qilian Qingyan, but she was also a loser.

Her husband didn't love her and her children were disobedient. Her life had been a complete failure.

And Qilian Qingyan seemed to lose. But she was the real winner.

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