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   Chapter 505 Karma (Ⅲ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 5870

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"Brother, what did you say? Do you really want me to cultivate in the Pudu Temple? Why! I'm the empress. Why should I redeem those people? " Looking at Qilian Qinglang, Qilian Qingyi said with discontent, "I won't go with you."

"Didn't you hear what taoist said! You have to go to the Pudu Temple now, or not even the Qilian clan will be able to be in peace by then. " Qilian Qinglang said in a deep voice, "even if you want to die, I don't want to die."

Hearing what Qilian Qinglang said, Qilian Qingyi frowned and said, "I won't go. It was Xuanyuan Hao who had caused those things back then. Now that Xuanyuan Hao was dead, what does it have to do with us?"

"Lady, do you still remember how Xuanyuan Hao died?" Said Qilian Qinglang in a deep voice., "He was killed by Shezhengwang. If you don't want to also die in the hands of him, go to the Pudu Temple now!"

"Brother, I'm your sister! Why are you still speaking for that bitch? She is dead! I won't go the Pudu Temple in any way!" Said Qilian Qingyi in an arrogant manner.

"Nobody knows what happened that year. I have secretly killed everyone, including that child." "So you don't need to worry about it. Besides, the baby is dead." said Qilian Qinglang seriously.

Hearing what he said, the look on Qilian Qingyi's face softened. She said, "all right. I'll go with you for the sake of my dead child." After these words, Qilian Qingyi turned around and left.

Looking at her receding figure, Qilian Qinglang let out a long sigh.

Jingxuan looked at Qingyan who was sitting next to him, and asked with a frown, "Qilian Qingyi had another child? Could it be Weisheng Junyan's child? "

Qingyan shook her head as she looked at Jingxuan. She said, "He is actually Xiuran' son. Qilian Qi

ns?" "I always thought they had a family," Jingxuan continued, surprised.

"They are indeed orphans." "But these are not the most important things. The most important thing is that they have been taught to a different level in the Wanshou Pavilion, and they are all very powerful people when they come out."

"They are as powerful as the Shaoyao and Mudan?" "But Hanyue looks different from them," Jingxuan continued with a smile.

"You're right. They aren't the same sort of people. Shaoyao was taight to get information from the Shaoyao, and Hanyue was taught to be a killer."

"It seems that the people cultivated in the Wanshou Pavilion are more powerful than our Qixing Hall." "But I won't admit defeat." Jingxuan said smilingly.

"Don't be silly. The Wanshou Pavilion will be my dowry, and then it will be yours." said Qingyan, frowning at Jingxuan.

"Yanyan, what I want is to protect you, not you do all this for me." Jingxuan then pulled her into his arms.

"It doesn't matter. You protect me, and I protect you. We're the strongest backing for each other. We're the most trustworthy partners for each other. Jingxuan, what else are you mad at?"

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