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   Chapter 499 Qingyan's Rebirth (Ⅲ)

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Updated: 2020-03-29 00:22

When Qingyan heard the voice, she turned her head and saw Weisheng Yvning. When she saw the figure beside Weisheng Yvning, her eyes widened.

The man standing next to Weisheng Yvning was Li Changsheng, who had served her from the very beginning.

She still remembered that when she was sent to the Cold Palace, Li Changsheng was sentenced to jail for her sake. Five years later, they could meet again.

Li Changsheng's eyes were wide when he saw Qingyan. He thought he had a dim eyesight, but when he rubbed his eyes, he saw the mistress standing in front of him. She was getting smaller, but she looked exactly the same as before, just like the time when he married the to Werisheng Junyan.

"Long time no see, Uncle Li." Qingyan walked up Li Changsheng and made a deep bow to him. "How Qilian Qingyi treated you in these years?"

"Mistress, it's really you! Why are you becoming like this? I thought I wouldn't see you anymore!" said Li Changsheng, looking at the girl with excitement.

Qingyan looked at the excited expression on Li Changsheng's face and said, "Uncle Li, now I'm not the empress anymore."

"Mistress, you are always my mistress no matter what kind of person you have becp, e." Li Changsheng shook his head.

When Weisheng Yvning saw the puzzled expression on Qingyan's face, He explained, "Uncle Li was saved by Weisheng Junyan, and he has stayed by his side since then. But he has always wanted to kill Weisheng Junyan."

Qingyan looked at Li Changsheng and added, "thank you for taking care of my children for all these years."

"It was you who took care of me. I was so lucky to be with you back then." Li Changsheng looked at Qingyan and shook his head.

Murong Jingxuan walked up to Qingyan and asked in confusion. "Who is him? Yanyan? "

With a smile, Qingyan answered, "this is Uncle Li. He has served me since I became the empress. L

iously?" Qilian Qingyue refuted.

"How dare you!" Qilian Qinglang slapped her. "Who do you think you are talking to? Qilian Qingyue. "

"Look at yourself, Qilian Qinglang. You are nothing without the support of my sister." Qilian Qingyue retorted immediately.

"Enough!" "Brother, don't be mad at her. She is always unreasonable like this." Then, Qilian Qingyi turned to look at Qilian Qingyue.

"Now that I have come back, I would like to know what we should do to make Weisheng Junyan come back to our control."

Qilian Qinglang frowned when he heard Qilian Qingyi's words. "Are you sure that the antidote is given by the Crown Prince? Nobody can get the antidote from the poison we made. How can Weisheng Yvning have the antidote?"

"I don't know. But the posion in emperor's body is gone." Qilian Qingyi shook her head. Then something occurred to her and she asked, "Qingyue, have you ever used that pill in the Donghe Kingdom?"

"Yes, I used it. It was taken by Su Qingyan. But she looked like nothing had happened. That's the reason why Second Prince of the Donghe Kingdom was grounded." Qilian Qingyue nodded.

"Is the deceased empress you mentioned yesterday the same person as this Su Qingyan?" Qilian Qingyi asked with a frown.

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