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   Chapter 485 On The Way (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6117

Updated: 2020-03-26 00:02

After driving for three days on the road, the carriage finally arrived at the first city of the Nanchen Kingdom-the Jingzhou City.

Considering they came to the Nanchen Kingdom in the name of the royal family, so when they arrived at the Jingzhou City, it was Zhizhou, Zhangyue, who greeted them. (TN* : Zhizhou is a title. A person called Zhizhou is charge of the this city)

Zhangyue had not only arranged the accommodation for them, but also had the route well planned for them. According to the route provided by Zhangyue, they could arrive at the Nanchen Kingdom in three months.

"Well, I should thank Zhizhou for your help in providing the convenient route." With a smile, Qingyan looked at the map and asked, "Zhizhou, who is this Zhizhou? Is he also fourth brother's man? "

Murong Jingxuan nodded at her and added, "you're right. He is indeed Fourth Prince's man."

"fourth brother is so observant that he can even arrange his people here so far away," Qingyan praised with a smile, looking at Murong Jingxuan.

"Fourth Prince has not planned to participate in the competition for the throne, so he has arranged his men quite far away. Even so, it doesn't affect his power in the court,"

"I agree with what you said. Fourth brother is favored by many people. Were it not for the Crown Prince, I believed that the court would be under his control," Qingyan nodded.

"You're right." Murong Jingxuan looked at Qingyan and said with a smile, "but I think Cary wants to get involved in the competition for the throne not only for Ning'er, but also for the future of Randall."

"Jingxuan, if I deal with them in a much more cruel than I did to Ning Siyao, will you think that I am too cruel?"

"Of course not!" "I won't blame you. It's not your fault," he continued, taking her into his arms.

"If I coul

After all, it's hard to tell what's going on now." Murong Jingxuan nodded to Qingyan.

"Not really. After we leave the Donghe Kingdom, there is only our brother left, and we cannot underestimate his means."

"There are a few people of his clan who are softhearted." "They are all cold and heartless. Murong Jingxuan is no exception," Murong Jingxuan said seriously.

"You're right. Jingxuan, fortunately you're not one of them. Otherwise, I really don't know how to face you. I just want to tell you that I don't want to be an empress anymore. I'd rather be an ordinary person than an empress," Qingyan said seriously.

Then Murong Jingxuan took Qingyan's hand. "when we rule the four kingdoms, I will take you to and live as ordinary people. We will find a shelter and live there, enjoying ourselves while sightseeing. What do you think?"

Qingyan clasped his hands and said, "thank you, Jingxuan."

Looking at the girl standing in front of him, Murong Jingxuan said with a smile, "you're welcome. After all, you're still my future wife. What's wrong with protecting my wife like this?"

Upon hearing his words, Qingyan laughed. ''Jingxuan, I wish I could be with you forever. That's what I long for.''

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