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   Chapter 475 Xuanyuan Hao's Death (I)

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It was out of Qingyan's expectation that Weisheng Junmo would impose such thoughts on Weisheng Yvning. Qingyan said seriously, "Yvning, you know that I only want you to be safe and sound and I don't want you to avenge me."

Weisheng Yvning looked at the expression on her face and said with a smile, "mother, I know what you're thinking. Killing Qilian Qingyi is still my goal, but I know that compared to that, you are hoping I could become the emperor."

Upon hearing his words, Qingyan fell into silence. That was what she had wished at that time, and that was what she was thinking now. If er son could take over the world, she would be assured.

"Do you want the throne?" "You know, if you want it, I'll help you," Qingyan said earnestly, looking at Weisheng Yvning.

Weisheng Yvning nodded with a serious look, "of course. I not only want to be the emperor of the Nanchen Kingdom, but also want to unify the four kingdoms."

Qingyan looked at Weisheng Yvning and said earnestly, "well, I'm willing to help you get not only the throne of the Nanchen Kingdom, but also for the whole world."

Weisheng Yvning looked at Qingyan and asked in surprise, "but shouldn't you help Fourth Prince take the throne? What if he knows you have this idea? "

Qingyan looked at Weisheng Yvning and shook her head, "He also wants to take the throne for you."

When Weisheng Yvning heard Qingyan's words, he was surprised and opened his eyes wide. "For me?"

Qingyan looked at Weisheng Yvning and nodded seriously. "fourth brother doesn't want the throne. If you wants the throne, you will become the only emperor of this whole world."

As Weisheng Yvning said, he hugged Qingyan excitedly. "Mother, thank you. I will not let you down."

Listening to Weisheng Yvning's words, Qingyan breathed a sigh of relief. After all, Weisheng Yvning was


Xuanyuan Hao didn't expect that Weisheng Junmo was so calm. "Weisheng Junmo, if Qilian Qingyan knows that you are in such a state, she will definitely not like you."

"So what? Xuanyuan Hao, the reason why I'm here today is to kill you." As Weisheng Junmo spoke, he raised his sword and rushed towards Xuanyuan Hao.

Xuanyuan Hao stood straight there, while Weisheng Junmo's sword directly pierced into his heart.

Apparently, Weisheng Junmo hadn't expected that Xuanyuan Hao hadn't fought back. Looking at him, Weisheng Junmo asked in confusion, "why?"

"Junmo," Xuanyuan Hao looked at Weisheng Junmo and said helplessly, "in fact, the two things that I regret most in my life are to let go of Ranran's hands, and to marry Yanyan to that imperial palace. If I die, would Ranran take me a little importance in her heart?"

However, before he heard the response of Weisheng Junmo, he had already closed his eyes.

Looking at Xuanyuan Hao who was lying in the blood, there was no trace of compassion on Weisheng Junmo's face. "Take his body back and give it to Qilian Qingyi. As for his head, I have promised Yanyan that I will hand it to her myself."

"Yes, master." After that, Xuanyuan Hao's body disappeared.

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