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   Chapter 472 Ning Haotian's Death (Ⅱ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 5944

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Ning Haotian obviously didn't expect that Xuanyuan Yvzhen would be involved in the case of taking the throne at the last stage. But after thinking for a while, he understood.

"Su Qingyan, can't you let go of my offspring?" Looking at Qingyan, Miguel said seriously, "they are all innocent."

"Innocent?" With these words, Qingyan looked at Ning Chenyi and said, "No one is born to be innocent. If they are innocent, you should know that you would get them involved when you are sure that you have betrayed the whole country."

Ning Chenyi looked at Qingyan and frowned. "Junzhu, I guess you don't know what family relationship is. Otherwise, she wouldn't treat us so cruelly. As a matter of fact, you should also call him grandpa."

"Fuck off." Qingyan looked at Ning Chenyi and reprimanded her, "now you know you're to flatter me, but it's too late. If Ning Haotian still wants me to call him Grandpa, I'm afraid he will suffer more than death."

"Enough!" Ning Haotian looked at Ning Chenyi and said indifferently, "a winner takes all and we've already lost."

"Guard! Bring Ning Siyao here. "

When Ning Haotian heard the words, he frowned. He knew that Ning Siyao had been buried, so how could she possibly appear. However, he saw a few men carrying a large altar walk in. There was a head inside the altar, and he couldn't see clearly who she was. Moreover, she was still screaming and hissing on the altar.

"She's aunt! She is real. " One of the young man shouted.

It was not until Ning Haotian raised his head to look at the woman in the altar that he recognized her thoroughly. She was exactly his daughter, Ning Siyao.

"Su Qingyan, how dare you!" Ning Haotian stood up, pointed at her nose and cursed, "Su Qingyan, I will kill you even if you become

nly thing she knew was that Weisheng Yvning and Weisheng Yvjing didn't have friends at all. No matter how well Weisheng Yvning had protected Weisheng Yvjing, they didn't have friends.

"Yvjing, after I deal with the matter of Cheng Yuemeng, I'll go to the Nanchen Kingdom with you, okay?" Then she held Weisheng Yvjing's hand and continued, "You should show me around by them."

Weisheng Yvjing looked at the expression on her face and said earnestly, "okay."

"Yvjing, how could Junzhu be as free as you?" Weisheng Yvning looked at Weisheng Yvjing and said resignedly. Then he looked at Qingyan and said with a smile, "I'll take you out with Yvjing then. After we put that bitch Qilian Qingyi to death, we'll take you to see the changes in the past five years to the Nanchen Kingdom."

Looking at the expression on his face, Qingyan nodded earnestly. "Well, after you help the deceased empress take revenge, I will tour with your in the Nanchen Kingdom."

"You know what, Yanyan? Weisheng Junyan did not let mother bury in the imperial tomb, because Qilian Qingyi said mother was a demon. However, my brother and I have set a tomb for her with the help of adoptive father. "

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