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   Chapter 463 Marquis Jingguo's Lose (Ⅱ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6296

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After the the Dew Banquet, Concubine Shu took Concubine Yi back to the Chengqian Palace. They did not expect that Marquis Jingguo would be executed.

"My sister, now Marquis Jingguo is dead. I think there are few people who are willing to help Yvfan get the throne. " Looking at Concubine Shu with a serious face, Concubine Yi asked, "what did the master say?"

Thinking of the scene just now, Concubine Shu threw a cup directly at Concubine Yi, "Such an idiot!" Concubine Shu frowned at the thought of the letters between the Marquis Jingguo and the Nanchen Kingdom. "But I didn't expect that Marquis Jingguo would collude with the Nanchen Kingdom."

"My sister, it's not all his fault." Concubine Yi said in a respectful way. "Think about it. The reason why Marquis Jingguo has an affair with the Nanchen Kingdom was because of YVfan."

Huh. Concubine Shu sneered.

"Lu Jiayue, I know what you are thinking about."

After hearing Concubine Shu's words, Concubine Yi lowered her head, "master has his own plan. We don't need to ask. What we need to do now is to help Yvfan win the throne."

"Yes, I understand." Concubine Yi said and stood aside respectfully.

Just as Concubine Shu was about to speak, the voice of Xuanyuan Yvhui came. Then he walked in and saw Concubine Yi and Concubine Shu sitting on the side.

"Mother, greetings!" Xuanyuan Yvhui glanced at them and said respectfully, "mother, the Second Prince has had talk with me."

Concubine Shu looked at Xuanyuan Yvhui and asked with a smile, "how? What did you say? "

Xuanyuan Yvhui looked at the expression on Concubine Shu's face and said respectfully, "according to mother's orders, I am naturally on his side."

Concubine Shu looked at Xuanyuan Yvhui and nodded earnestly. "This is the best. Fifth Prince, you should know that after the Second Prince ascends the throne, your status will rise as

y in the mansion of Marquis Dingguo was to confirm it. But was it true that the woman in front of him was actually Qilian Qingyan?

He had never met Qilian Qingyan before, but knew how gentle and virtuous she was. If it wasn't for it, she wouldn't have died miserably in the Cold Palace in that way.

The fire burned all the memories into ashes.

"Are you Yanyan, whom my brother often mentioned?" Weisheng Yvjing looked at Qingyan and said with a smile, "What's your birth date? I might be older than you."

Looking at Weisheng Yvjing, Qingyan asked with a smile, "when birth date, princess?" Of course she would not forget her own daughter's birthday, but if she rashly blurted it out, it would certainly arouse others' suspicion.

"My birth is the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month. My mother told me that the snow dropped for ten days before I was born. Then, the Taoist Yunhen said that I was a lucky star, and later he gave my name: Yvjing" Weisheng Yvjing looked at Qingyan who stood beside her and said with a smile, "I'm telling you. Mother told me that it rained heavily for a month when she gave birth to my brother, but it stopped raining after the baby was born. Taoist Yunhen also said that my brother was born to be an emperor."

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