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   Chapter 462 Marquis Jingguo's Lose (Part one)

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Before Emperor Hongjia opened his mouth, Marquis Jingguo shouted angrily, "don't talk nonsense!" As Marquis Jingguo spoke, he turned to Emperor Hongjia, "Your Majesty, I have never colluded with anyone."

Seeing the expression on Marquis Jingguo's face, Emperor Hongjia sneered. Then he motioned to Eunuch Pei who was next to him to fetch the things from Ning Chenhui.

Xuanyuan Yvfan clearly didn't expect this to happen. He couldn't help frown as he looked at Ning Chenhui.

He had previously asked Ning Chenhui to ask for Xuanyuan Shi's help before. Although Ning Chenhui agreed, Xuanyuan Shi had not agreed at that time. But now, why would Ning Chenhui say such things?

When Su Qingming saw this, he also turned to Xuanyuan Yvfan. At the same time, Xuanyuan Yvfan frowned as if he was telling him that he had no idea of this.

"Qingming, what the hell is going on? Has Marquis Jingguo really committed treason? " Looking at Marquis Jingguo who was kneeling in the middle, Qilian Qingyue frowned and said.

Feeling an ominous look, Qilian Qingyue raised her head. When she saw Weisheng Yvning looking at her, she also shivered.

She knew very well that the present Qilian clan meant nothing to Weisheng Yvning, and Weisheng Yvning even hoped that they could be executed as soon as possible. If it were not for the secret help of Qilian Qingyi, perhaps they would have a hard time.

Looking into Weisheng Yvning's eyes, Qilian Qingyue frowned. Finally, after Weisheng Yvning made an action of cutting the throat, she lowered her head.

"Qingyue, what's wrong with you? Do you feel uncomfortable? " Su Qingming looked at Qilian Qingyue with concern and said, "don't worry. I'll take you back after the Dew Banquet."

Qilian Qingyue nodded to sum, but she didn't dare to look at Weisheng Yvning again.

Just at this moment, the voice of Emperor Hongjia came, "how dare yo

father's request, she had to agree without hesitation.

"Yanyan, they are the Crown PrinceCrown Prince and Princess of the Nanchen Kingdom. Although I don't know they want to live in your mansion for some reason, I still hope you can entertain them well." Emperor Hongjia said seriously.

"Understood." Mudan answered Emperor Hongjia respectfully.

Looking at the figure of Emperor Hongjia, Mudan and Qingyan took off their human skin mask at the same time.

Looking at Qingyan, Mudan said worriedly, "Miss, it's not funny at all. I don't want to look do it next time."

"Mudan, you will stay with me in the future." "Since you want to live in our residence, so be it," Qingyan looked at Weisheng Yvning and Weisheng Yvjing said, smiling.

Weisheng Yvning answered, '' Sorry for the trouble.''

Xuanyuan Yvzhen frowned when he saw this scene. Although he wanted to know why Weisheng Yvning wanted to live in the mansion of Marquis Dingguo, he knew that Weisheng Yvning would not tell him even if he asked now.

He even felt there was some kind of connection between Weisheng Yvning and Qingyan, as if Qingyan used to be his mother.

Xuanyuan Yvzhen then looked at Qingyan again. His eyes were blazing as if he was close to the true answer.

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