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   Chapter 457 The Dew Banquet(Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6134

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When Qingyan woke up from the chaos, she just found that the sky was just getting bright. She looked around and found that she was still in Jinhuan's room. Remembering what happened yesterday, she rubbed her temples in pain.

Last night, she remembered that after dealing with Su Qingteng, she just drank and had fun with Jinhuan. It was a real pleasure for her.

The death of Zizhu, after all, was very sad. After all, she had been with Zizhu for a long time, but she did not expect that Zizhu would betray her because of the so-called gratitude.

"Miss, are you awake?"

When Qingyan heard the sound, she said calmly, "I am awake. Come in."

As Jinhuan entered the room, she saw Qingyan still lying on the bed. She walked to the bed, dressed her up, and said, "Miss, Yaochi has been here just now. He asked if you still want to come to the imperial palace with Mudan"

Qingyan stretched herself a little and answered, "of course I will. I'll disguise myself as a maid."

"Yaochi said everything went well last night." Jinhuan helped her to make her hair in a bun masterly, "Miss, will you follow Yaochi and leave the Yihong Brothel?"

"I can't leave the gate if you dress me up like this." Looking at the figure in the mirror, Qingyan said helplessly, "it doesn't matter. I'll leave from the window later."

"Miss!" Jinhuan touched her head dotingly and said, "you should be like a child, since you are still a child."

Qingyan made a face and stuck out her tongue at Jinhuan, "Jinhuan, if we didn't live in such environment, no one would fight against each other. I'm tired, but I can't fall."

Hearing what Qingyan said, Jinhuan said sadly, "Miss, after these things are dealt with, you go with Shizi and wandered far away. Never ask these things in the court again."

Looking at Jinhuan, Qingyan smiled seriousl

quet now?"

Pointing at Mudan, Qingyan said with a smile, "You should be with Mudan since you are both good at kungfu. And you will be able to protect yourself if something really happens."

"Does Shizi know this?" Looking at Qingyan, Qingdai replied helplessly, "What if Shizi mistakes Mudan as you?"

"Rest assured, I believe Jingxuan will be able to distinguish," Qingyan said with a smile.

Looking at Mudan, Qingdai wondered, 'when I walked into the yard, I didn't recognize the real Miss. Will Shizi be able to do it?

When the carriage reached the entrance to the imperial palace, they saw Murong Jingxuan standing there waiting for them. "You're here. Something happened in the imperial palace last night."

"What happened? Why are you so nervous? "

Murong Jingxuan curled his lips into a thin smile and asked, "You are Yanyan, are you?"

"Your Highness, how do you know I'm not a young lady?" she teased

"What happened?" Raising her head, Qingyan asked, "has something happened to mother?"

As Murong Jingxuan spoke, he looked at Chishao and said with a smile, "yes, some people went to my mother's palace to steal things, but in the end they were caught by the people of the Fourth Prince."

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