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   Chapter 450 Zizhu's Death (I)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 5659

Updated: 2020-03-17 00:12

Upon hearing this, Zizhu held her hands tightly. She turned to look at Qingyan and said with a smile, "Miss, is there anything else?"

Looking at Qingyan and the others, Qingyan smiled and said, "you can also stay here, Baizhi and Huangcen."

Seeing the expression on Qingyan's face, Baizhi thought of the look on her face when she came back home today, and then Baizhi put the dishwares aside, and asked, "Miss, is there anything unhappy?"

"Yes, I do have something unhappy." Qingyan looked into Baizhi's eyes and said with a smile. Then she turned to look at Zizhu and asked, "Zizhu, you are my first-class maid. Let me ask you, how do I treat you?"

Noticing Qingyan's gaze, Zizhu answered with a smile, "Miss, Of course you treat us nicely. Why did you ask that?"

"Yeah, Miss is very kind to us." Huangcen looked at Qingyan and said with a smile, "I followed miss when I was young. In the beginning, miss did not treat us well, but in the end, she always treated us as her sister."

"Yes! I like Miss best. "

Hearing what they said, Qingyan smiled. Then she looked at Zizhu and asked, "is that right, Zizhu?"

At this moment, Zizhu realized why Qingyan wanted them to stay. Maybe she had found out her real identity.

"Miss, they are right. I like you too. I have been with you for so many years. Seeing you become like this, I am very happy. " Zizhu quietly wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, but what she had done couldn't escape the eyes of Qingyan and Murong Jingxuan.

"What happened, Miss?" Baizhi looked at the look on Qingyan's face and said anxiously, "Miss, do you want to leave us?"

"No way!" Huangcen suddenly opened her eyes wide. "Miss, please

, her eyes widened in surprise. "It's impossible. He promised me that he would spare my family! He will not kill them. "

"Zizhu, don't be so punctilious. He doesn't take these people seriously, and you are just ants in his eyes." Staring at Zizhu, Yanmei still calmly said, "you can ask Miss for help if you have any questions. Miss can also help you, but you choose Xuanyuan Yvfan."

"Yes. Do you know how sad Miss was when she knew that it was you?" Yaochi said in a deep voice as he looked at Zizhu.

As soon as Zizhu heard this, she looked towards Qingyan. She didn't say a word. As she was about to step forward, she was stopped by the Qingdai. "Zizhu, you shouldn't see Miss anymore."

"Qingdai." "I'll do it myself." Qingdai walked up and looked at Zizhu, who was kneeling on the ground. She covered her tears and asked, ''Zizhu, why? You choose to help Xuanyuan Yvfan just because you were poisoned? Why don't you believe that I can detoxify you? "

Staring at Qingyan with reddened eyes, Zizhu closed her eyes in remorse. After a while, she opened her eyes and forced a smile. "I'm sorry, Miss. I was wrong."

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