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   Chapter 446 Marquis Jingguo

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6277

Updated: 2020-03-16 00:12

Marquis Jingguo looked at the man in black standing in front of him and said respectfully, "we have completed the task you ordered. One of my sons has died, so you won't let me lose the other two sons."

"Ning Haotian, you should know who you are." The man in black looked at Marquis Jingguo and said in a deep voice. "what happened to Xiuran was an accident, even master did not expect it."

"Xiuran did not die because of master." Looking at the men in black, Marquis Jingguo became impatient. "If it wasn't for him, Xiuran wouldn't have died."

"Ning Haotian, if you still want to live, you have to help princess according master's order. Otherwise, if something really happens to you at that time, I can't guarantee that your family can still be safe."

"What do you mean by that?" Marquis Jingguo opened his mouth impatiently. "I have helped the Nanchen Kingdom for so many years. Not to mention that I have sacrificed a son."

"How dare you!" The man in black reprimanded, looking at Marquis Jingguo, "if you don't want Emperor Hongjia to know what you have done, you'd better follow master's orders."

"I understand!" Looking at the men in black, Marquis Jingguo also impatiently said, "I won't blame you for the death of Xiuran."

"It's good that you understand."

"what else can I do for master?" Marquis Jingguo looked at the man in black and spoke helplessly. "I'm half a hundred years old and almost dead. If I can still do something, say it out."

"Master gave you this." As he spoke, he handed a white jade bottle to Marquis Jingguo, and continued, "the pills in the bottle are able to control people's mind."

Looking at the bottle in his hand, Marquis Jingguo asked impatiently, "what do you mean?"

"Ning Haotian, this pill is for others."

"For whom?" Puzzled, Marquis Jingguo looked at the man in black. "I have offended too many people."

's really not what I think."

"Miss, who is she?" Yanmei turned to look at Yanmei and Yanmei shook his head helplessly.

"Yaochi, you may leave now." Then Qingyan waved at them. "I want to go back to my mansion tomorrow. You will be in charge of the Miner's safety. Even if Concubine Shu wants to harm me, she won't hurt Miner."

"I got it. I will keep her safe." Liushang replied in respect.


Seeing the expression on Qingyan's face, they disappeared.

When Qingdai appeared, she saw Qingyan sitting there with her eyes closed, as if she had experienced something.

"Miss, what are you thinking about?" Looking at Qingyan, Qingdai smiled and said, "is it because the matter you asked the Yanmei to investigate has already come to light?"

"Qingdai, am I nice to you?" "I treat you like sisters! Why did you do that? "

"You are very kind to us. We didn't get such treatment when we stayed with Shizi." Looking at Qingyan, Qingdai smiled. But when she thought of the woman's face, she asked in a deep voice, "Miss, do you think she has some difficulties?"

"Difficulties?" "If she really has difficulties, she can tell me. Why did she choose to betray me? Do you know, Qingdai? I was really upset when I knew it was her. "

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