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   Chapter 441 Negotiation

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"But Concubine Shu framed you for poison. She must bear grudges against you." The recollection of the past seemed to be vivid in Ning Sicai's mind. "I remember that it was Concubine Yi who stood in front of Concubine Shu and accused my her. As arrogant as Concubine Yi was, it was impossible for Concubine Shu to help Concubine Shu. But Concubine Shu helped her at that time. It only explained one thing - Concubine Shu must have something to do with Concubine Yi, so she helped Concubine Yi in that way. And you are scheming against them... " After analyzing the whole thing, Ning Sicai looked at Qilian Yvran and asked, "Am I right?"

Hearing that, Qilian Yvran clapped her hands. Then with a bitter smile, she said, "you're right. It was the plan between me and the emperor. The purpose is to lure out the man behind Concubine Shu."

"The man behind Concubine Shu?" "Is there any other powerful person behind Concubine Shu?" asked Ning Sicai, puzzled.

Qilian Yvran looked at Ning Sicai and nodded. "I have to admire your thought, but it's probably only you can see through."

Ning Sicai looked at Qilian Yvran and shook her head. "I just guessed it right."

"When his majesty was enthroned at that time, but the Crown Prince was actually alive. The man might be the previous Crown Prince and the reason why he came back was to kill the emperor."

Upon hearing this, Ning Sicai widened her eyes. "But what does it have to do with Concubine Shu?"

"Sister, listen to me. I'll tell you a secret now," said Qilian Yvran, pointing finger at her lips.

Looking at the serious expression on Qilian Yvran's face, Ning Sicai nodded and said, "please go ahead."

"In fact, Concubine Yi you meet is not the real one." Looking at her indifferently, Qilian Yvran said, "it turned out that Concubine Yi was killed by Concubine Shu, and ythe Second Princenis the real son of Concubine Shu. As for


"Xvrao! Do you have a dream? " Noticing the expression on Xvrao's face, Ning Sicai looked into the distance and said, "the situation in the imperial palace is getting more and more obvious. Now that the imperial concubine loses her favor, all of them have turned themselves to Concubine Shu's side."

Hearing that, Xvrao wore a smile at the corners of his mouth. "Will you also side with Concubine Shu?"

"No. I work for the imperial concubine and she has given me everything. I won't betray her."

"That's it." Xvrao looked at Ning Sicai and said respectfully. "As long as you don't betray the imperial concubine, I won't be your enemy, right?"

Ning Sicai's eyes widened in surprise at Xvrao's words. It never occurred to her that Xvrao would say something like that. "If I choose to stand on Concubine Shu's side, what will you do, Xvrao?"

Xvraon's eyes, which were fixed on Ning Sicai, turned cold all of a sudden. "Sister, you should know that I worked for Junzhu and it was she who gave me my life. I have been satisfied enough to stay by your side during this period of time."

Just as he thought that Xvrao would say "kill her", she heard Xvrao say, "I will kill myself in front of master and ask her to let you go. Master will agree."

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