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   Chapter 431 Conspiracy Uncovered (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6838

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In the Kunning Palace.

When the empress saw the familiar figure, she said in disdain, "what brings you here, Concubine Shu?"

Concubine Shu looked at the empress and said with a smile, "don't you want to know why I'm here, sister?"

The empress looked at Concubine Shu and said discontentedly, "Cheng Yuemeng, don't think that I don't know what you are up to. I also know that what you did to Qilian Yvran."

Concubine Shu didn't expect the empress to say something like that. She looked at the empress and said loudly, "even if the Second Prince is really my son, so what?" She remembered her purpose of coming here, and looked at the empress calmly. "I'm here to tell you that Qilian Yvran is going to take actions against you."

Hearing her words, the empress frowned. "Concubine Shu, even if I=Qilian Yvran had a grudge against me, she wouldn't have wanted to deal with me."

Concubine Shu listened to the empress and said in disdain, "do you really think that the Fourth Prince doesn't want to take over the throne? He is preparing secretly for the throne. What are you expecting? "

Concubine Shu's words reminded the empress of the questions that the Crown Prince had raised before. Although Xuanyuan Yvzhen and the Crown Prince had some conflicts before, for some reason, Xuanyuan Yvzhen began to help the Crown Prince again in the court as if nothing had happened before.

She met Su Qingyan again, and Su Qingyan hadn't done anything to Xuanyuan Yvze.

"How can I trust you, Concubine Shu?" The empress looked at Concubine Shu with a puzzled look. "I'm not that easy to be fooled with."

"I heard that your son was going to marry the granddaughter of elder General Luo as inferior concubine, but did his majesty agree? Do you really think that your plan will work? " Concubine Shu looked at the empress and said in an arrogant voice, "haven't you known that you are no longer loved by his majesty, Xv Shiwan?"

On hearing Concubine Shu's words, the empress burst into laughter. "Cheng Yuemeng, even though I'm no longe

ssed this with my uncle and aunt yet, so I have only one idea for the time being. That is, unless Yixin wants to marry the Crown Prince, or this marriage will not work out. Besides, the reputation of the Crown Prince will also be damaged."

"What do you mean?" Murong Jingxuan's eyes lit up. He looked at Qingyan and asked, "That's true."

"If the Crown Prince snatches a girl because of your identity. Is that a good thing for him?" Then, Qingyan smiled happily. "I'm sure that Concubine Shu won't expect that I have also set a trap. Otherwise, I won't be able to deal with the Crown Prince and the empress."

Qilian Qingyan had managed the harem for more than ten years. She had seen all kinds of things.

Thinking of this, Qingyan smiled happily. "Jingxuan, what do you think of this idea?"

Although she couldn't get involved in the matter about Qilian Yvran, she could investigate it in private. Although it was an enigma, everyone had his own weakness, just like her weakness was her families.

As long as Cheng Yuemeng didn't take his blame on her families, she would not take Cheng Yuemeng seriously. After all, only a long line was enough to catch big fish.

Besides, Qilian Yvran knew everything about Cheng Yuemeng.

But the problem was, what kind of feud did Qilian Yvran have with Cheng Yuemeng? Was it only because of the miscarriage?

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