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   Chapter 430 Birthday Party (Ⅴ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6611

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It never occurred to Qilian Yvran that Cheng Yuemeng would come back to the imperial palace in this way. Thinking of all the things that had happened, she only felt that the things in the past seemed to be still vivid in her mind.

As the beloved woman of Emperor Hongjia, she had a special relationship with Cheng Yuemeng.

Qilian Yvran hated Cheng Yuemeng so much. How could she not hate Cheng Yuemeng!

If she had the ability to protect her another child, that child would have been as old as Yvning now.

Thinking of this, she clenched her fists tightly.

Seeing that Qilian Yvran trembled all over, Emperor Hongjia hugged her at once and said, "Ranran, I promise you. I won't tell anyone about this."

For the first time, Emperor Hongjia felt he was so powerless that he could not even protect his own child.

When he learnt that Qilian Yvran's child was killed by Cheng Yuemeng, he was heartbroken. He even hated himself for being an emperor. If he were an ordinary person, he would definitely be able to protect his child, but he could not even punish the person who had killed his child.

"Hongjia, I really hate them!" Buried in Emperor Hongjia's arms, Qilian Yvran said indignantly, "it was all my fault. I was too kind to her. I won't let her go this time."

"Ranran, I'm sorry." Emperor Hongjia hugged Qilian Yvran tightly.

Qilian Yvran didn't hate Emperor Hongjia, because he still held a special place in her heart. After all, she knew there was no way out when she chose to marry him at the beginning. Moreover, she was from the Nanchen Kingdom. Although she had Qilian Yvjun back up her, but their distance was too far.

But she was afraid of nothing now. She had her own son, Benson, and Xuanyuan Yvkai and Xuanyuan Yvning, Murong Jingxuan, who had been raised by her side since childhood. More importantly, her niece had returned to her side in another identity.

This time, she didn't want to let go of that woman easily.

"Hongjia, it's

rson behind this Cheng Yuemeng is very powerful. Hongjia and I also know his existence, so no matter what, we don't want you to get involved in this," said Qilian Yvran slowly.

Hearing that, Qilian Yvran frowned. "Okay, I promise you. Don't you even want to tell fourth brother?"

Qilian Yvran shook her head. "No, you can't tell him. It's a matter between me and that woman. I won't be softhearted this time."

Qingyan hugged Qilian Yvran. "Qilian Qingyan was dead, but I hope you can be happy."

Feeling that Qingyan was trembling, Qilian Yvran held her hands and said, "Yanyan, I promise that nothing will happen to me. I have discussed it with Hongjia. Please don't get involved in it."

It turned out that Emperor Hongjia also knew the truth of the matter. Was the person behind Cheng Yuemeng really so powerful?

Last night, Shaoyao said that Cheng Yuemeng's martial arts was more powerful than that of her and Murong Jingxuan. This woman must have a lot of secrets and hid her power, or she wouldn't come back to the palace at this time?

Thinking of what Qilian Yvran had said, Qingyan frowned.

Qingyan had made her decision that she would figure out the feud between Qilian Yvran and Cheng Yuemeng no matter what cost she would pay, even if it meant the Wanshou Pavilion would be sacrificed

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