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   Chapter 429 Birthday Party (IV)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6475

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Qingyan had her own concerns. When she thought about the expression in Cheng Yuemeng's eyes, she felt like Cheng Yuemeng could see through her.

After she was reborn, everything seemed to carry out according to her plan. However, now, Cheng Yuemeng suddenly appeared, who seemed to be able to destroy her whole plan.

"Mistress, what should we do?" "If we don't take the initiative, we will be the passive," Yaochi said to Qingyan respectfully.

Hearing what Yaochi said, Qingyan was calculating the power of this Cheng Yuemeng.

But even so, they couldn't let the sudden appearance of Cheng Yuemeng destroy the entire plan. Cheng Yuemeng was Xuanyuan Yvhui's mother, and Xuanyuan Yvhui had an affair with Lumin in private. Could it be possible that there were some undeserved secrets between Cheng Yuemeng and Lu Jiayue?

"Your Highness, today Concubine Yi went to the living palace of Concubine Shu. After her return, those little animals in her yard all died for no reason." Yanmei was shocked to hear the horrible news brought by Qingyan.

"What did you say? All those little animals died? " "None of them survived?" Qingyan stood up, Yanmei shook his head and said, "I don't know what they ate. They all died, and none of them survived."

Qingyan stood up, strolling around the stone table. Then she said, "it seems that this Cheng Yuemeng is not a simple person. Otherwise, she would have asked Concubine Yi to kill those little animals."

"Mistress, should we send other little animals there?"

Qingyan waved at them. "Not for the time being. After all, we haven't found out the truth about all the things. We have to calm down." Qingyan looked up at the sky, and breathed a sigh of relief. "There seemed to be something going on between Cheng Yuemeng and mother. If only mother could tell us everything about Cheng Yuemeng."

"Mistress, we seemed to get some news from the spy we sent out today. Lumin liked Xuany

ect the woman I love. If my fourth son knows this, he will definitely hate me."

Qilian Yvran shook his head and said, "they don't know you, but I do.'' Since Cheng Yuemeng wants so much to help Xuanyuan Yvfan ascend the throne, I will retreat from the battle. So what? "

"Ranran, you can't change what happened." Patting on her back, Emperor Hongjia added, "who would have thought of what happened at that time? After all, it was all my fault."

"Cheng Yuemeng's purpose is nothing but to help Xuanyuan Yvfan take the throne of the hospital, and the Fifth Prince is just a chess piece in her hand." Qilian Yvran looked at Emperor Hongjia and said earnestly, "the person behind Cheng Yuemeng so scary."

"Ranran, it is none of your business. What you can do now is to stay in the Guanjv Palace." Listening to her words, Emperor Hongjia felt inexplicably sad again. "I heard from Yanyan that you were going to hold a banquet."

Qilian Yvran looked at him and nodded earnestly. "I have never held any birthday party. Just take it as a great gift you gave me before I enter the Cold Palace."

"Ranran!" Emperor Hongjia was shocked to hear that. He didn't expect that Qilian Yvran had already made up her mind.

"Hongjia, this is between her and me. Let us solve it by ourselves."

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