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   Chapter 428 Birthday Party (Ⅲ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6631

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Night fell. The Chengqian Palace was quiet and peaceful. Cheng Yuemeng looked at Concubine Yi and said in a low voice, ''I have met Su Qingyan. But I didn't expect you to lose to such a little girl."

Hearing Concubine Shu's words, Concubine Yi didn't know how to explain the current situation, but it was really a very disadvantageous situation for them.

"Sister, that's because I looked down upon her." Concubine Yi looked into her eyes and said helplessly, "you should know that I did this for the sake of our son.''

"Lu Jiayue!" Cheng Yuemeng stood up immediately and looked towards Concubine Yi, as if she was stimulated.

"I'm sorry, sister." As soon as Concubine Yi saw the expression on Cheng Yuemeng's face, Concubine Yi became dispirited. "sister, Yvfan was fascinated by Su Qingyan before. If I hadn't seen her true face at last, I wouldn't be able to persuade him."

"Lu Jiayue, didn't you promise me to take good care of Yvfan?" Concubine Shu said in full strength, "look at what you have taught him. I can also take back what I have gived to you." As Concubine Shu said, she threw the cup at Concubine Yi, who allowed it to hit herself.

"Sister, I also feel guilty about what happened to Yvfan." Lady Yi knelt down in the middle of the room. "sister, I asked you back because I wanted to deal with the woman called Su Qingyan!"

'Huh.' Concubine Shu sneered.

"Do you really think that Su Qingyan is invulnerable?" Concubine Shu said calmly, "although you are Concubine Yi now, you know, the true Concubine Yi been tortured to death by us."

"Yes, I remember." Concubine Yi said with a respectful look, "after Yvfan inherits the throne, we can follow you, master."

"Enough!" Concubine Shu seemed to be touched by something. She suddenly said in a cold tone, "tell me, how powerful Su Qingyan is. I'd like to know what waves that little girl can make."

Looking at the expressions on Concubine Shu's face, Concubine Yi shared everything that happened

ed her arms around the man's neck. "Master, tell me how we are going to deal with Su Qingyan."

"We don't know yet. So we can't take any action now." The man in black looked at Concubine Shu and said in a deep voice.

"Su Qingyan is just the daughter of Marquis Dingguo. How could she be a match for master?" Concubine Shu looked at the man in black and said in a pouting voice: "master, when will you come back to see me? I..." Then she lay on the man's body.

The man in black looked at Concubine Shu who was lying on his stomach and waved the candlesticks in the whole palace to extinguish.

Ever since Qingyan met Cheng Yuemeng, she had always felt that Cheng Yuemeng had a strong background. But no progress had been made with the news that Yaochi had investigated. It was as if Cheng Yuemeng was only an ordinary person.

"Mistress, are you still thinking of the matter of Cheng Yuemeng?" The voice of Yaochi came from behind her. "If you want to know, I will try my best to find out something about Concubine Shu."

Looking at Yaochi, Qingyan shook her head and said in a low voice, "don't do anything rashly." She tapped her fingers on the table and said, "perhaps this Cheng Yuemeng is waiting for us to come into her trap. We can't take any action without figuring out how powerful Cheng Yuemeng is."

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