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   Chapter 422 Collusion (Ⅱ)

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Ning Zhiyao had never known that Marquis Jingguo had a relationship with another woman when he was in Nanchen Kingdom. Moreover, Marquis Jingguo even had a so-called son. Ning Chenhui looked at Qing Yin in confusion, as if he didn't understand why Qingyan knew so much about the secrets of Marquis Jingguo.

"You must be curious why I know such so many secrets of Marquis Jingguo." Qingyan said with a smile.

Though confused, Ning Chenhui nodded. After all, even he himself didn't know these things, but how could Qingyan, an outsider, know it so well?

"I can't tell you the reason." Looking at Ning Chenhui, Qingyan said with a smile, "it's not that we don't trust you, but that we can't tell you about this now. After all, you are still Marquis Jingguo's son now."

Ning Chenhui knew what was on her mind, so he nodded seriously. "You suspect that I might collude with the Nanchen Kingdom?"

Qingyan looked at Ning Chenhui and nodded her head earnestly. "I've heard that Xiuran used to be in love with the present empress of the Nanchen Kingdom, Qilian Qingyi. So even if Xiuran had died, Marquis Jingguo would still have a relationship with the empress of the Nanchen Kingdom, so I want to know who is the messenger. I think you know what I mean."

Ning Chenhui was smart person, and Qingyan liked to cooperate with smart people. Ning Chenhui knew clearly how one would end up if he should betray his kingdom.

"I know what you are worried about." "You must be worried whether you'll be involved. The Ninth King now also works for us now. Isn't it good if you stand on our side?"

Qingyan's offer was indeed very tempting for Ning Chenhui. After his mother's death, Ding Shuqi treated him very well. That was why he agreed to be the spy of the Ninth King.

"Okay, I agree." Ning Chenhui looked at Qingyan and nodded seriously. "But I have something that I don't understand."


nce also let me ask you what you should do."

Looking at Murong Jingxuan, Qingyan rubbed her chin and said, "if so, let's work out a way when we go to the imperial palace tomorrow. After all, the longer we delay it, the more disadvantageous we will be."

"Are we going to go straight against Marquis Jingguo at the Dew Banquet?"

Qingyan smiled. "It's not settled yet. But I'm sure that Qilian Qingyue will also get involved in this. Since Qilian Qingyue has already slept with Su Qingming, the emperor will arrange the marriage for them."

Hearing what Qingyan said, Murong Jingxuan scratched her nose gently and said, "Yanyan, you're so naughty. Do you know it's a shame for the Nanchen Kingdom?"

"If Qilian Qingyi had known that her sister had married to a nobody, she would have been infuriated to death. However, Yvning was dealing with the court affairs of the Nanchen Kingdom, not Weisheng Junyan. Therefore, Qilian Qingyi can't do anything to change the situation." At the thought of Qilian Qingyi, Qingyan's face became cold and cruel, "Moreover, Junmo will also help Yvning in the court."

"Yanyan, what if Yvning proposes to you?" "I saw the way Yvning looked at you last time...'' Murong Jingxuan spoke out his worries. What should we do? "

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