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   Chapter 420 The Death of Ning Yuelan (Ⅴ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6410

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Not until now did Ning Sicai know what a stupid teammate was like. No, it should be her niece. She didn't expect that Ning Yuelan would say that, especially in the current situation.

Looking at the shocked Ning Yuelan, Marquis Jingguo had no choice but to accept the fact. Wasn't everything clear that Ning Yuelan was the murderer who poisoned Ning Siyao?

"Yuelan, are these really the precious herbs you gave to my sister?" Surprise was written all over Ning Sicai's face. "Then tell me, who gave them to you? Why did you murder your aunt?" Looking at Ning Yuelan with tearful eyes, Ning Sicai said, "Yuelan, is it because you were threatened by someone?"

When Ning Yuelan heard what Ning Sicai said, she was shocked. She didn't know what Ning Sicai was talking about, but why did she say so? She didn't poison Ning Siyao at all.''

"Why would I ever do that, Lady?" Ning Yuelan looked at Ning Sicai and asked with a puzzled look.

"But your aunt was poisoned now." Looking at the unconscious Ning Siyao on the bed, Ning Sicai said indifferently, "tell me who asked you to do it. I won't be mad at you if you confess."

"I'm familiar with those things. Is it your personal belongings that harmed your own daughter, Marquis Jingguo?" Emperor Hongjia looked at Marquis Jingguo, and asked, "or do you want to say that you planned to give these things to Zhaoyi so that she could send them to me?" Then Emperor Hongjia threw a quilt to Marquis Jingguo and said, "Well done, Marquis Jingguo. I didn't know that you also prepared this. Are you planning to make the Second Prince become the new emperor after I die?"

"I did not mean that." As Marquis Jingguo spoke, he knelt down. "How would I dare to such rebelling things?"

Ning Sicai also knelt down, and said, "father, I know you've never liked me, but why did you use me to poison his majesty? If his majesty has really taken those precious medicinal he

e looked at Ning Sicai worriedly and shook his head. "Caicai, we have decided to help the Second Prince. There is no turning back, so we must make sure the Second Prince take the throne now."

"Father, I know your intention. Don't worry. I've handled everything well and the Fourth Prince doesn't want to take the throne." Looking at Marquis Jingguo, Ning Sicai said with a smile, "therefore, the Crown Prince is still biggest enemy now. If you can get rid of the Crown Prince, the Second Prince will be able to become the emperor."

Marquis Jingguo curled his lips. Now it was not a big deal. They were on the right side. After all, as long as the Fourth Prince did not participate in the fight for the throne, the Second Prince was most likely to win.

"Father, since Yuelan has died, I'll behave myself. Don't worry. I'll get along well with Concubine Yi." Looking at Marquis Jingguo, Ning Sicai still smiled.

Marquis Jingguo was very satisfied with the performance of Ning Sicai. When he turned and left, he did not see the cold smile on her lips.

'Help Xuanyuan Yvfan win the world? Marquis Jingguo, before the Second Prince ascend the throne, your clan will be exterminated!

I have been waiting for this day for a long time.' Ning Sicai murmured to herself.

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