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   Chapter 419 The Death Of Ning Yuelan (IV)

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As far as Qingyan knew about that woman, she wouldn't have been bought off by Qilian Qingyi so easily unless Qilian Qingyi had found her weakness. But how? It did not make sense at all.

"Master, you said the only one in the Nanchen Kingdom is good at bewitching. Is he loyal to Qilian Qingyi now?" Yaochi's voice came from behind Qingyan.

"You're right. She wouldn't do anything to Fengqing unless she is loyal to Qilian Qingyi now. As you know, nobody dares to do anything to Fengqing." "Yaochi, go and check what's going on in the Nanchen Kingdom, and the new of the Bagua Sect, too," ordered Qingyan calmly.

Yaochi knew the Bagua Sect was created by Weisheng Junmo. Looking at Qingyan in front of her, Yaochi said respectfully, "Miss, do you think that it has something to do with Ruiwang?"

"I know Junmo's personality very well. It can't be him, and I'm sure about it." Looking at Yaochi, Qingyan said coldly, "it's better to have a good result about this."

"Master, I understand." Then Yaochi vanished in thin air.

In the Xianyin Palace.

After breakfast, 'Ning Siyao' went to the Xianyin Palace. Ning Sicai then called in the imperial physician and told him to keep her baby.

Soon, the news came to the ears of Marquis Jingguo, who quickly came to the Xianyin Palace.

"What the hell is going on?" Looking at the woman lying on the bed, Emperor Hongjia frowned and said, "don't you think you should give me an explanation, Zhaoyi?"

Hearing the words of Emperor Hongjia, Ning Sicai felt wronged and sadly answered, "Your Majesty, after the breakfast this morning, my sister suddenly fainted. I am also confused."

Hearing what Ning Sicai said, Emperor Hongjia turned his head to the imperial physician kneeling on the ground, "tell me, what's going on?"

Hearing the questioning of Emperor Hongjia, the imperial physician answered with a quivering voice, "Your Majesty, Mrs. Su is poison

"Your Majesty, these are all found in Mrs. Su's room. I think they are all hers." The commander of the Yvlin Army replied to Emperor Hongjia respectfully.

Emperor Hongjia gave the physician another kick and continued, "go check if there's any poison in it."

"As you command." The physician rolled over to examine those precious herbs. After careful observation, he returned to the side of Emperor Hongjia.

"Your Majesty, all these herbs have been soaked in the arsenic. If you take them for a long time, you will naturally be poisoned in this way. But the poison is extremely malicious and ruthless!" The physician knelt down as he spoke.

"Zhaoyi, did you award these things to Mrs. Su?" Looking at Ning Sicai, Emperor Hongjia said seriously, "if you hurt your sister, I won't spare you either."

Ning Sicai knew that Emperor Hongjia was playing a show for the Marquis Jingguo. She looked at Emperor Hongjia and pleaded pitifully, "Your Majesty, please uphold justice for me! I have never given my sister any of these things. "

Just at that moment, the voice of Ning Yuelan was heard. "Your Majesty, I brought these things into the imperial palace. Grandpa said that these things were for Zhaoyi, but seeing that my aunt is pregnant, I sent these things to her."

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