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   Chapter 415 Ning Siyao Was Mad (Ⅴ)

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Updated: 2020-03-08 00:22

After Ning Siyao and Ning Yuelan came back, Ning Siyao said with a smile, "Yuelan, don't cause any trouble to your aunt. After all, she's Zhaoyi."

Hearing her words, Ning Yuelan nodded seriously. "Aunt, please rest assured. I won't cause any trouble for aunt." Suddenly, something occurred to Ning Yuelan. "By the way, I heard that you are pregnant. I got these from my grandpa. I heard that it is good for health."

Looking at the thing in her hand, Ning Siyao smiled inwardly. This Ning Yuelan seemed to be even more stupid than she had imagined. No wonder both of them wanted to take advantage of her.

"Yuelan, I know you mean well." Ning Siyao looked at her with a bright smile, as if she wanted to give all the good things in the world to her.

"What are you talking about, Auntie? By the way, did you make it today?" Ning Yuelan asked carefully.

Ning Siyao knew what Ning Yuelan was up to. She had already figured it out that this Ning Yuelan was very stupid, so she was now used as a pawn to deal with Marquis Jingguo.

After all, it was a waste of that she was born in a family like Marquis Jingguo's.

"Stop it. Junzhu is not that easy to deal with." Looking at Ning Yuelan, Ning Siyao shook her head helplessly. "We met the imperial concubine in the hot spring today. You know, Junzhu is backed up by the imperial concubine. Besides, we didn't find anything wrong with her."

Hearing Ning Siyao's words, Ning Yuelan curled her lips in discontent. She had thought that her aunt would teach Su Qingyan a lesson, and that she had wanted to how Su Qingyan would suffer.

Looking at Ning Yuelan in front of her, Ning Siyao grinned and said, "Yuelan, I heard that you wanted to be the emperor's woman, but you should not push it. After all, you are just a maid

gxuan's words, Ning Siyao widened her eyes in shock. 'They wanted to kill her here?'

"If you dare to kill me, both Marquis Jingguo and my family will let you get away with it. How dare you? You... "

"Of course not. Who do you think is taking your place and staying with Zhaoyi now?" Looking at Ning Siyao, Qingyan said with a smile, "you know what, I've told you. It's just a beginning."

Watching Qingyan step in, Ning Siyao said with a smile, "You bitch! Even though that Ning Sicai is on your side, so what?'' Yuelan will avenge for me. "

"Okay." "If Marquis Jingguo knows that his granddaughter killed you, what would he think?" Qingyan said playfully.

"What?" Ning Siyao didn't believe what Qingyan had said, she asked. She really didn't think that Qingyan had such a plan.

"Su Qingyan, what the hell do you want?" Looking at Qingyan, Ning Siyao continued in a displeased tone, "What's your grudge on me? Now you're going to treat my family like that."

"Second aunt, I remember clearly what happened at the Su mansion." Looking at Ning Siyao, Qingyan said slowly, "I told you I'm not a good person. Now that you want to go to hell, let me give you a ride, okay?"

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