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   Chapter 414 Ning Siyao Was Mad (IV)

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Updated: 2020-03-08 00:12

Hearing what Qilian Yvran said, Ning Siyao shook off her hand. "You're talking nonsense. They said that I had been pregnant for seven to eight months. How could I not be pregnant? You quack!"

Hearing what Ning Siyao said, Qingyan looked at Ning Siyao and said with a smile, "Mrs. Su, how dare you call Guifei a quack? Her medical skills are superior to those in the imperial physicians."

Ning Siyao had lost her mind, she was not able to listen to Su Qingyan's anymore. "You are all liars. I'm pregnant. Otherwise, why does my body become heavier and heavier. You are all lying to me." She tried to push away Qilian Yvran's hand again.

Looking at the hurtful look on Ning Siyao's face, Qingyan knew that her wish had been realized. Ning Siyao looked at Ning Sicai, "my dear sister, what they said must be a lie, right?"

Looking at Ning Siyao, Ning Sicai kicked away her hand and snapped, "The reason why I let you come here was to let you stop deceiving yourself. I'm also on the side of the imperial concubine."

Hearing what Ning Sicai said, Ning Siyao opened her eyes wide. She had never expected that Qilian Yvran was on the side of Qilian Yvran, and she seemed to have been kept in the dark.

"Do you think the reason why the imperial concubine asked Ning Yuelan back? Because she wants you to die here." Looking at Ning Siyao, Ning Sicai said disdainfully, "if you die, Marquis Jingguo will be very sad. You are the only eldest daughter of him. If you die, what do you think his Marquis Jingguo will do?"

When Ning Siyao heard what Ning Sicai had said, she was so angry that she spat out a mouthful of blood. "Ning Sicai, father won't let you go. He will make you die pathetically."

"Ning Siyao, do you think you can go back alive after you walked into here today?" Looking down at Ning Siyao, Qingyan said disdainfully, "don't worry. Y

d, "thank you for your kindness, Junzhu."

Watching Ning Sicai turn around and leave, Qilian Yvran said to Qingyan, "Yanyan. Today's show amused me."

"Mother, let's go back to."

When Ning Sicai and Ning Siyao returned to the Xianyin Palace together, they saw Ning Yuelan sitting on a stone bench in the yard. Seeing them, Ning Yuelan stood up and said, "aunt, you're back.".

Ning Siyao looked at Ning Yuelan and said with a smile, "Yuelan, I felt a little tired after having a hot spring a moment ago, and Zhaoyi is a little tired now. We should go back first."

Looking at Ning Siyao, Ning Sicai nodded and said, "okay. You can have a good rest."

Although Ning Sicai didn't know what Ning Siyao would do, she was not worried about it at all because this ''Ning Siyao'' worked for Junzhu.

"Zhuer, I'm back. I'm in a good mood today and I want to eat osmanthus cake." With a bright smile, Ning Sicai lifted the curtain and walked in, looking at the servant girl beside her.

"Why are you so happy today, master? Did something interesting happen? "

Something interesting? They just eliminated a mad dog, which was the beginning of their revenge against Marquis Jingguo.

When she thought of this, Ning Sicai smiled.

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