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   Chapter 413 Ning Siyao (Ⅲ)

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Ning Sicai stepped forward and said, "Madam Su, are you suspecting that Junzhu is not the daughter of Marquis Dingguo?"

"Okay!" It never occurred to Qilian Yvran that Ning Sicai would say something like that. But she also knew that this Su Qingyan was not the same. She was her own niece, Qilian Qingyan.

But so what? Even if she wasn't Su Qingyan, she had been using her own body with the soul of Qilian Qingyan.

"Mrs. Su, you are always a cautious woman. How could such a thing happen?" As Qilian Yvran said this, he looked at Ning Siyao and said, "I remember that your daughter's death was because she offended Junzhu. Is it because of this that you still gold a grudge against Junzhu?"

"Now I can prove that she is not my brother's daughter." Ning Siyao looked at Qilian Yvran and said respectfully.

"Then let's see how you can prove it."

When Qingyan heard Suyun's voice, she knew that it was all planned by Ning Siyao. After all, Ning Siyao wanted to break Suyun and Luobing's hearts. After all, this Qingyan had hurt so many people.

ha-ha. Qingyan smiled happily.

"Mrs. Su, I didn't expect you to bring my father here." "Dad, I didn't expect that you and mom would also be invited here by Mrs. Su," Qingyan said, smiling at Suyun.

Looking at the expression on Qingyan's face, Suyun said with a smile, "since Mrs. Su said that you are not my biological daughter, of course I should come. Don't I know my daughter?"

Pointing at Qingyan's back, Ning Siyao continued, "I heard that there is a birthmark on the back of Su Qingyan. But I didn't see it at all. She isn't the real one."

"Okay!" Before Suyun said anything, he heard Qilian Yvran's teasing voice, "I see. There is a birthmark behind Junzhu. What's this birthmark? I want to see it too."

t you are pregnant. You really shouldn't be so angry, and you should be careful with the baby in your belly."

Hearing what Su Qingyan said, Ning Sicai looked at Qilian Yvran and said, "since you are pregnant and have a baby, you should call an imperial physician to have a check right now."

'Now that you're not pregnant, you're just deceiving yourself. Will you go crazy when the truth is revealed?' 'crazy, crazy!' It's just a beginning.

Qilian Yvran nodded to Ning Sicai and said, "you're right. Now that she is pregnant, you should find an imperial physician for her as soon as possible."

"Why do we need an imperial physician? Mother, aren't you good at medical science?" Looking at Qilian Yvran, Qingyan said with a smile, "but it's hard to say whether she is worth it or not."

After hearing what Qingyan said, Qilian Yvran smiled. "Yes, I've forgotten it." She then squatted down and held Ning Siyao's hand.

She knew that Ning Siyao wasn't pregnant and everything was just a result of her self deception.

Now that everything was ready, she didn't mind adding fuel to the fire. Looking at Ning Siyao, she slowly said, "Mrs. Su, you have no sign of pregnancy."

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