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   Chapter 403 Disappearance Of Princess (Ⅲ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6785

Updated: 2020-03-05 00:22

Hearing this, Qilian Qingyue frowned, "what do you mean? Qilian Qingyan had been dead. Would her ghost come back for revenge? It's easy for you to say that. I don't believe such things. "

"I guess you can't see it, either." Looking at Qilian Qingyue, Honglian replied with a smile, "Yanyan was not happy to see you, so I want to get rid of you now."

"Kill me? Do you think you can get out of here?" Qilian Qingyue looked at the man in red and said with a smile, "I'm a princess of the princess. If I die, the Donghe Kingdom will be in trouble, too."

Hearing what Qilian Qingyue said, Honglian burst into laughter. "Who do you think you are, Qilian Qingyue? You're just a pawn to Qilian Qingyi. I don't think you matter in her heart. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been so cruel to Qilian Qingyan. "

"Bah!" Looking at the man in red, Qilian Qingyue said disdainfully, "sister is not that kind of person. Qilian Qingyan deserved it. She took everything from my sister. Now my sister is the noble empress, and that woman is just a gregary."

On hearing what Qilian Qingyue said, Honglian reached out her hands and choked her neck. She could feel the hands on her neck were getting heavier. "Do you believe it? Now, all I need to do is to pinch your neck. Then, your neck will be broken. "

Qilian Qingyue could feel the coldness and her breath became faster and faster. She looked at the man in red with dissatisfaction and asked, "who the hell are you? In the past, Ruiwang was the only love of Qilian Qingyan. However, Ruiwang stood by and watched her marry his majesty. "

In the meantime, Qilian Qingyue still felt the heavy slap. Wiping the blood spilling from the corner of her mouth, she asked, "what? Are you Weisheng Junmo? You want me to die as soon as possible because I find your identity? "

"you are so smart. But it is a pity that your first name is Qilian." Honglian looked at Qilian Qingyue and said coldly, "or I may consider letting you go."

"Weisheng Junmo, if your majesty knows you killed me, do

ing, Suming will also feel happy. Maybe Su Qingming can take advantage of her and become an adopted son-in-law." When Qingyan thought of this, she smiled.

"Then let's not act rashly and alert the enemy for the time being." Xuanyuan Yvzhen looked at them and said with a smile, "when father has responded, we'll make the corresponding countermeasures."

"Yanyan, it's time for me to go back." After Xuanyuan Yvzhen was out of sight, Honglian turned to look at Qingyan and said earnestly, "I'll wait for you in the Nanchen Kingdom."

Hearing that, Qingyan smiled. "You're going to meet my master again?"

With a smile on his face, Honglian continued, "forget about Taoist Yunhen. I want to see Junmo. You know him well. He is on the edge of spiraling into madness."

Hearing that, Qingyan recalled the scene when they met last time. She lowered her head and said, "it's all my fault. If it were not for me, he wouldn't have ended up like this."

Honglian walked to Qingyan and held her hand. "Yanyan, it's not your fault. Obsession takes root in one's heart and nobody can get rid of it for the rest of his life. Taoist Yunhen and Junmo are the same," Honglian said.

Feeling the warmth from Honglian's palm, Qingyan looked up at him and said, "Honglian, if I have the chance, I must go to see him when I come back to the Nanchen Kingdom."

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