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   Chapter 398 Honglian

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6513

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Xuanyuan Yvze apparently didn't expect that Qingyan would say this. He looked at Qingyan and said with a smile, "even if I am not the eldest son of the throne, do you think that the Fourth Prince can be the next emperor without any qualms of conscience?"

"So what?" As Qingyan spoke, she looked at Xuanyuan Yvze. "You think hXuanyuan Yvfanwill become the next emperor. I tell you, even if my fourth brother does not want the throne, Xuanyuan Yvfan is nothing to me."

"Su Qingyan, don't be so self righteous." Xuanyuan Yvze stared at Qingyan and stated coldly, "you're just an ordinary woman. Do you think I will respect you without Murong Jingxuan and the Fourth Prince? You're nothing without them."

"Okay!" Su Qingyan raised her head and looked at Xuanyuan Yvze with a smile. "Xuanyuan Yvze, don't be too impatient. What belongs to you will still belong to you, and even if you scramble for something that doesn't belong to you, you won't be able to get it."

Looking at Honglian beside Xuanyuan Yvze, Qingyan said indifferently, "let's go. Since you're here, come with me."

After hearing what Qingyan said, Honglian turned around and left. He looked at the man in black and said coldly, "go back first. I'll deal with everything here."

The man in black looked at Honglian in front of him and said respectfully, "yes."

To be honest, he had been working for Honglian for so many years. Apart from Qilian Qingyan, he hadn't seen their leader be so gentle to a woman, especially a stranger.

But why did he behave like that? Was it really what he thought?

The girl called Su Qingyan was actually Qilian Qingyan?

Empress Xianyi of the Nanchen Kingdom had died six years ago. Now, how could she become the daughter of Marquis Dingguo. Why did she become Su Qingyan now?

"Crown Prince, I have one thing I don't understand." The man looked at Xuanyuan Yvze and said indifferently, "but it doesn't matter if your highness is unwi

n said, "let bygones be bygones. I'm dead. A dead man cannot be revived."

Of course, Honglian knew what she meant. But he was shocked by what she said. Maybe Qingyan was right. She was no longer the person she used to be. At present, she was only Su Qingyan.

"Yanyan, when are you going back to the Nanchen Kingdom?" "Right now, Yvning is still the Nanchen Kingdom of the Nanchen Kingdom. However, Qilian Qingyi has been trying to get rid of Yvning and Yvjing, but you know that Junmo has grown a lot under the guidance of Junmo." Looking at Qingyan, Honglian replied calmly, "you know better than I do."

Hearing what Honglian said, Qingyan looked at the bamboo slip on the table. It was all about the news of Weisheng Yvning and Weisheng Yvjing, and it was constantly updated.

This might be the only reason for Qingyan to return to the Nanchen Kingdom. Even if she was no longer Qilian Qingyan, she could help their children to get rid of Qilian Qingyi. Moreover, she could also help Xuanyuan Yvzhen to unify the world.

Qingyan closed her eyes and opened them again. Determination was written all over her face. She clenched her fists and said, "Honglian? They are the only reason that I want to go back now. When I return to the Nanchen Kingdom, I will destroy all of the enemies. "

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