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   Chapter 377 Guifei And Empress (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6866

Updated: 2020-02-28 00:02

Looking at the expression on Xuanyuan Shi's face, Ding Shuqi told him all the news that had been heard recently. Xuanyuan Shi also got a conclusion from these news that the empress must have offended Junzhu Leyi, so she came to ask for their help, and that was why she had used such a method to threaten him.

But what happened when Junzhu Leyi and the empress met each other?

"Beside, do you know what happened between the empress and Junzhu? Why the empress is acting so abnormal?" Looking at Xuanyuan Shi, Ding Shuqi said seriously, "it seems that Junzhu Leyi a simple kid."

Xuanyuan Shi listened to Ding Shuqi and couldn't help but frown when he thought of what the bodyguard had said earlier. Su Qingyan indeed didn't look like a young girl.

"Shi, are you listening?" Looking at Xuanyuan Shi, who was frowning, Ding Shuqi asked seriously, "where does this Su Qingyan come from?"

Xuanyuan Shi looked at Ding Shuqi and shook his head. "We'd better not to explore the background of Junzhu for the time being. We only need to know that we can't deal with her."

Hearing Xuanyuan Shi's words, Ding Shuqi nodded seriously. "I see. Don't worry. I definitely won't offend Junzhu. But I can see that Junzhu really likes that inferior concubine of Yvzhen."

Hearing what Ding Shuqi said, Xuanyuan Shi frowned, "you mean Junzhu likes the girl named Shaoyao?"

"That's right. I also heard from Yvzhe. He said that he didn't expect that Shaoyao would also like Junzhu."

Although Xuanyuan Yvzhe was angry with her for sleeping with Xuanyuan Shi. He still showed great respect to her, especially with the help of Shaoyao, their mother-son relationship had eased a lot.

"Have you investigated the background of this Shaoyao?" Xuanyuan Shi stared at Ding Shuqi and asked with a serious face.

"As Yvzhe said, Shaoyao sold herself to the Yihong Brothel when she was young. She is the top prostitute of theYihong Brothel and she has no powerful background. Everyone in the Capital City knows about her." Looking at Xuanyuan Shi, Ding Shuqi said w

cially under such a circumstance. Thinking of what Xuanyuan Shi had said last night, Ding Shuqi began to contest in her heart.

"Empress, greetings!" Ding Shuqi bowed to the empress and asked, "what are you doing here?"

The empress looked at the expression on Ding Shuqi's face and said with a smile, "I just made some delicious snacks and want to share with you." Then the empress asked the maid next to her to take out the food container, which contained exquisite dessert.

Looking at the expression on the Empress' face, Ding Shuqi knew she would not leave if she could not get the answer. In resignation, she could only invite the empress into the Zhongcui Palace, and then dismissed all the servants. Only four people were there, including Ding Shuqi's personal maid and the empress's personal maid.

"You must be here today to ask for the answer." Ding Shuqi looked at the empress and replied bluntly, "but to be honest, we can do nothing to help you."

The empress listened carefully and clenched her fists. She looked at Ding Shuqi and said in a cold voice: "Guifei, aren't you afraid that I tell his majesty what you have done? If his majesty knows that... "

Hearing the empress's words, Ding Shuqi thought of what Xuanyuan Shi had said last night. She smiled and said, "if you really have evidence, tell his majesty about this. II do not care."

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