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   Chapter 371 Counterattack

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Looking at the Crown Prince, the empress walked to him and took his hand. ''Son, don't worry about this matter for the time being. Maybe he didn't want to compete for the throne."

The Crown Prince looked at the empress and shook his head helplessly. "I know Fourth Prince very well. Although he doesn't want to kill me now, I know he must have a backup. Mother, do you know that? I have never been so worried about losing this position as I am now. "

"Son, it's all my fault. If I hadn't offended Junzhu, you wouldn't end up like this." The empress looked at the Crown Prince and said seriously, "but now that things have come to this, we have to work hard. I think as long as we are not dead, you will still be the Crown Prince."

Of course the Crown Prince believed the empress. But who could he blame for now? The Fourth Prince was much better in folk affairs than him.

"Son, you should get married with another concubine at an age like this. What do you think of Luo Zhanxiang?" The empress looked at the Crown Prince and said with a smile, "don't worry. I'll arrange everything for you."

Hearing the empress's words, the Crown Prince shook his head. "I'm not very familiar with this woman. Mother, why did you mention her?"

The empress looked at the Crown Prince and said seriously, "she is the granddaughter of General Luo. If you can marry his granddaughter, I think he will still support you. As for General Su, he will always be on the side of elder general. In this way, you have military power."

Hearing the empress's words, the Crown Prince asked with a smile, "mother, do you want me to gain the military power from Suyun?"

The empress looked at the Crown Prince and nodded seriously. "It's true. Now the only way you can do is to get the military power in Suyun's hand, which is the best way for you. As for Junzhu, if you get the military leadership, she will also listen to your orders."

Pondering over the empress's words, the Crown Prince asked in confusion, "but if that's the

her in surprise. "How do you know?"

"Since you also know it, why can't I know?" Looking at the empress, lady Ming asked in surprise, "didn't the empress come here for this matter?"

Hearing Concubine Yi's words, the empress could only lowered her head and said, "that's true. I came here for this, because I'm afraid that the Fourth Prince might want to seize the throne. But I also know that the Third Prince doesn't want the throne. Since that, why don't you support the crown prince?"

"I have to negotiate with the Ninth King on this matter. Whether he will help the Crown Prince or not is up to him. Although the Third Prince is not interested in the throne, I know there is no one in the world who can be compared with the Fourth Prince." Concubine Yi looked at the empress and said lightly.

Hearing this, the empress asked in surprise, "are you going to help me?"

Looking at the empress, Concubine Yi nodded her head seriously, "you're right. But I won't make a decision for the Ninth King. After all, he has his own idea."

The empress listened to her and nodded seriously. Then she asked the maids to put down the gift and left in a hurry.

The Ninth King walked out of the secret chamber. Looking at his figure, Concubine Yi asked indifferently, "do you think we should help the Crown Prince win the throne or not?"

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