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   Chapter 359 Anecdote Of The Empress (Ⅰ)

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Emperor Hongjia didn't know how he had fallen in love with Qilian Yvran back then. He just felt that Qilian Yvran had a pure character, and she was different from other women in the harem. At that time, he had already had a lot of women around him, but he was still attracted by Qilian Yvran at last.

At that time, Qilian Yvran didn't know he was the emperor, but later, in order to marry her, Emperor Hongjia tried his best and finally succeeded.

When Qilian Yvran first came to the imperial palace, she didn't seem to be good at dealing with those women. So he secretly executed those women after knowing it. But now it seemed that it was not because Qilian Yvran didn't know how to deal with those women. She just thought that there was no need to deal with those women.

It was enough for her to be the imperial concubine without any disturbance, just like what she was doing now.

However, the more tolerant Qilian Yvran was to him, the more kind Emperor Hongjia was to her.

"Hongjia, what's wrong with you?" "Are you thinking about how to deal with the empress?" asked Qilian Yvran confusedly, looking at Emperor Hongjia.

"No, I'm just thinking about how to love you in the future. If everyone is like you, how nice would it be? The harem won't be in such a mess," said Emperor Hongjia while shaking his head.

"You are thinking too much." "As a matter of fact, even if I were your concubine, I was worried that your majesty might do not love me one day. I just acted recklessly because of your love."

Hearing what Qilian Yvran said, Emperor Hongjia still smiled. "Ranran, since you do not want to be the empress, I can give you my heart. I can't be only with you for this lifetime, but I can give you all my love."

"Hongjia, I really don't care about it, so you don't have to worry too much. You are still my husband," replied Qilian Yvran with a smile.

boy when he was still alive, but the boy was actually killed at last. the Xv Lord had been sad for a period of time, and died after that.


Thinking of that, Emperor Hongjia looked up at Qilian Yvran and said, "Ranran... What do you mean? "

While staring at Emperor Hongjia, Qilian Yvran nodded, "he is the adopted son of Xv Lord. He grew up together with the empress and the empress had a crush on him too. But Xvchuan didn't expect that the former empress would order Xv Shiwan to the imperial palace. I believe that Xv Shiwan was very reluctant to enter the imperial palace at that time..."

While uttering these words, Qilian Yvran raised her head to look at Emperor Hongjia. Emperor Hongjia knew clearly what Qilian Yvran wanted to say later. After all, he had been through so much hardship.

The truth must be that Xvchuan killed this adoptive son in order to force Xv Shiwan enter the imperial palace.

"Are you sure?" Emperor Hongjia still doubted what Qilian Yvran had just said.

"Hongjia, if you don't believe me, I can ask Yanyan to buy the intelligence from the Wanshou Pavilion with a high price." "Besides, I was also surprised when Yanyan told me the news." said Qilian Yvran calmly, looking at Emperor Hongjia.

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