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   Chapter 349 The Privacy

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6252

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Hearing the sudden cold tone of the empress, Qingyan said indifferently, "of course I'm the daughter of Marquis Dingguo, Suyun. Do you think I'm someone else?"

Hearing this, the empress realized that she was out of line. She looked at Qingyan and said apologetically, "I must have frightened you."

She didn't know why she behaved so abnormally just now, as if the young girl in front of her was really Qilian Qingyan, but the real Qilian Qingyan had died in the fire.

In the past five years, Qilian Yvran hadn't seen Emperor Hongjia because of it.

"Junzhu, where did you get the those confidential information of the ministers?" The empress asked calmly. "I hope you can give me an honest answer."

"It must be the original reason why you summoned me." Qingyan looked at the empress and said calmly, "it doesn't matter where I got from. What matters is that I won't harm the Crown Prince."

Hearing what Qingyan said, the empress didn't know how to answer her question. She knew that Qingyan wouldn't harm the Crown Prince, because the person that Crown Prince helped was not the Crown Prince, but Xuanyuan Yvzhen.

"Then why did you do your best to help the Crown Prince?" The empress said calmly. But Qingyan could feel the empress's threatening tone.

"You know it, Lady." Looking at the eyes of the empress, Qingyan smiled, "I'm not helping the Crown Prince, but to help my fourth brother. The reason is very simple, because he is on the side of the Crown Prince."

Listening to Qingyan's words, the empress didn't expect that Qingyan would give such a direct answer.

The empress did not expect that she could hear such words from such a young girl.

"What if I kill you now?" The empress looked at Qingyan and said coldly, "killing you now is as easy as trampling an ant."

"You won't kill me." Qingyan answered calmly.

Seeing the d

his death. How can it be false?"

The empress shook her head helplessly. "You don't understand. I always don't believe that the elder master is dead. I didn't expect that he is still alive. But why doesn't he come to me?"

"Master, he was just the adoptive son of the Xv Mansion. Why does your majesty always care about him so much?" The maid looked at the empress in confusion. "What's more, his body had not been found, so he must have been dead."

The empress looked at the maid, "do you know that he and I grew up together, and I know that he is the adoptive son of the Xv Mansion. At that time, I didn't find his body, so I once suspected that my father and grandfather were lying to me, just to deceive me into going to the imperial palace."

"Master, how could you say that?" The maid looked at the empress and said helplessly, "what if someone has heard it and told it to his majesty?"

"Is it really that important whether the emperor know it or not?" The empress said sadly, covering her face. "If my father didn't insist on sending me to the imperial palace that year, how could I be sitting here? In fact, I really don't care about this position at all. What I want is just to see him safely in front of me. I really like him!"

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