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   Chapter 348 The Empress's Invitation (Ⅲ)

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The next morning, when Qingyan was reading in the Study Room, an imperial edict arrived at the Jiangjunfu. She didn't expect that the empress would summon her. When she saw the empress last time, she knew that it would come sooner or later. But much to her surprise, the imperial edict which summoned her was in the name of the empress.

"Miss, this matter seems to come with evil intention." Yaochi frowned, "don't tell me the empress knows it's you from who provide the news."

"It doesn't matter. I'll deal with it. Don't worry about the rest," said Qingyan with a resigned expression.

"But Miss..." Sitting next to Qingyan, Yaochi explained worriedly, "if the empress summoms her, you will be in danger."

Looking at the empress, Yaochi said helplessly, "Yaochi, although the empress and my mother have a bad relationship, she is not stupid enough to do anything to me. Do you think the empress will deal with me?"

Before Yaochi could continue, Qingyan added, "I think the empress knows about the relationship between Crown Prince and fourth brother. She either want to negotiate with me or confirm one thing. She is not so stupid to try to hurt me. Now all people in the court object to the Crown Prince. If there is one more who stands out against the Crown Prince, what will the empress think? "

Hearing what Qingyan said, Yaochi nodded seriously, "that's good. If the gJiangjunfu stands up to object the Crown Prince, then few people will support him."

"That's the reason. The empress is certainly not so stupid to try to harm me." "So you don't need to go to the imperial palace with me." said Qingyan indifferently.

"Yes, I do," replied Yaochi with a nod.

When Qingyan saw that the eunuch again, she smiled and said, "Sorry for keeping you waiting."

"It's okay." said the eunuch, waving at Qingyan.

On her way to the imperi

, Wenxuan Lord came to the Jiangjunfu for the proposal."

The empress was stunned when she heard what Qingyan said. How could she forget this important thing? Qingyan didn't like Xuanyuan Yvzhen or the Crown Prince. She liked Murong Jingxuan instead.

That's why she is so disdainful of the tile of the empress. But almost every woman wanted this title, while she was such dismissive?

"Junzhu, I still have something that I don't understand."

Qingyan knew what the empress was thinking. She looked at the empress and said calmly, "let me guess what you are thinking about."

The empress looked up at her and nodded with expectation.

Looking at the empress, Qingyan smiled and said, "if becoming the empress means that your family will be executed, would you still want to become the empress?"

The empress widened her eyes as she heard these words. She didn't expect that a young girl like Qingyan could say something like that. Her attitude really resembled that woman, Qilian Qingyan.

She always looked calm. But the woman ended up like that. The entire family of the Qilian clan were executed, 120 members in total. No one survived.

At the thought of this, the empress asked in a cold voice, "who the hell are you?"

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