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   Chapter 345 Secrets Of The Ministers

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6515

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Xuanyuan Yvzhen and Jingxuan did not talk with Lubing for long, not to mention that they already knew the answer.

"Looks like Yanyan is right," Murong Jingxuan looked at Xuanyuan Yvzhen who sat next to him and said in a low voice, "it seems that both the Lu clan and Marquis Jingguo have a crush on Sixth Prince."

Xuanyuan Yvzhen said with a smile. "So what? My Sixth brother isn't an easy-going person. He has been with me and mum since childhood. Do you think he will be easy to be fooled with?"

Murong Jingxuan looked at Xuanyuan Yvzhen and nodded earnestly. "I know this. I also remember his character very clearly."

Xuanyuan Yvzhen said with a smile. "So they can't make it, especially under such a circumstance."

As Murong Jingxuan spoke, he handed the bamboo slip to Xuanyuan Yvzhen. "The things are all secrets of the elder ministers who are loyal to the Second Prince. It's Yanyan that gets them for you. But to be honest, some things are indeed beyond our expectation."

Hearing what Murong Jingxuan said, Xuanyuan Yvzhen took the bamboo slip curiously. "I'll give this slip to the Crown Prince later."

"Fourth Prince, I do not know if I should say it or not." Murong Jingxuan looked at Xuanyuan Yvzhen with a serious expression. "If you really want the throne, Yanyan and I can help you."

Hearing what Murong Jingxuan said, Xuanyuan Yvzhen shook his head. "Jingxuan, you should know that my ambition is not here, so I don't want the throne. Moreover, the Crown Prince is still there. I don't want the throne at all. The only thing I can do now is to help the Crown Prince protect this kingdom. Moreover, I'm still worried that the throne will be taken away by someone else."

Hearing Xuanyuan Yvzhen's words, Murong Jingxuan nodded and said, "okay. Since that's the case, Yanyan and I will support you anyway."

Xuanyuan Yvzhen knew what Murong Jingxuan meant. They had given him all their efforts to help him, not

e heard the Crown Prince's words. He didn't expect the Crown Prince to say something like that. He looked at the Crown Prince and laughed. "If the Second Prince knows that you actually do not want the throne, I don't know what he will think."

"Fourth Prince, can you understand my feelings?" After hearing what Xuanyuan Yvzhen had said, the Crown Prince said helplessly, "even if I can really become an emperor, I don't know how long I can live. If that day doesn't come, what can I do at that time?"

Xuanyuan Yvzhen knew what the Crown Prince was talking about. Although the parasite in his body had been removed, there was no sign of recovery. If he continued to work hard, it would indeed cause a health problem.

One day Xuanyuan Yvze might fall here and never be able to wake up again.

"Fourth Prince, tell me, how can I become the emperor? If you like, I really like you to inherit the throne. As for the title of the Crown Prince, I don't care it at all."

Hearing the Crown Prince's words, Xuanyuan Yvzhen shook his head resignedly. "as a matter of fact, both you and I do not want the throne at all. However, if you really leave one day, then you can rest assured that I will not let the territory of our kingdom fall into the hands of Xuanyuan Yvfan. This is my promise to you."

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