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   Chapter 337 Bitter Tears

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6036

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Su Qingwen was sent back by the personal maid of Concubine Yi. Looking at the tears on Su Qingwen's face, Su Yan and Chai Yiyun knew that she must have suffered something aggrieved in Concubine Yi's house.

But the maid didn't seem to have any intention to explain. Therefore, it was hard for Chai Yiyun to ask what had happened to Su Qingwen in the imperial palace.

Only after seeing the servant off did Chai Yiyun ask with concern, "Su Qingwen, what on earth happened to you?"

Looking at the expression on Chai Yiyun's face, Su Qingwen threw herself into her arms and cried, "mother, Concubine Yi made trouble for me today. She asked me to make cakes for her. I never cook, so how could I make cakes for her?"

Looking at her tearful face, Chai Yiyun said sadly, "how could she ask you to make cakes? Did you offend lady Concubine Yi? That's why she said those words."

Looking at Chai Yiyun, Su Qingwen shook her head. "that woman made cakes for Concubine Yi. And I say something. I didn't know Concubine Yi would be so angry.''

After listening to her words, Chai Yiyun patted her on the head, "my silly girl, didn't I tell you not to provoke that inferior concubine? You just need to remember that after you get married, you are his wife and that side concubine can't be compared with you. If you have a son, then he will be the eldest son, and that mansion will belong to you in the future. "

Hearing what Chai Yiyun said, Su Qingwen knew what she meant. But she felt uncomfortable all over as long as she thought of Xuanyuan Yvzhe's spoiled smile when he looked at Shaoyao, especially in that occasion.

Why can a prostitute get it, but she can't? She's not willing to give up.'.

"Mom, what should I do to win his heart?" Then Su Qingwen looked up at Chai Yiyun.

"Sweetie, y

ng sighed, "it was so difficult for you. Father don't know how to deal with it now, so he just leaves it to me. You can do it as I told you like when it's time." Su Qingming whispered in Nianchun's ear.

Hearing this, Nianchun nodded her head seriously. "Don't worry, master. I know what to do."

"That's good. I'll leave now." Su Qingming said and hurried out of the yard.

Ning Siyao was sick very badly. The doctor said that she was psychologically diabolic. She thought she was pregnant because of her daughter's death. Besides, Suming had never touched her during that time.

So he had to put on an act in front of her. But he didn't expect that the more Ning Siyao believed his lie, the more he felt sad.

It was a pity that they couldn't change everything. Even Marquis Jingguo had accompanied them to perform this drama. They couldn't imagine what she would suffer after she knew the truth, so they were carefully taking care of her mood.

"Dad, I've already made up my mind about this matter. We have no choice but to do that. " Looking at the sullen look on Suming's face, Su Qingming said helplessly, "but it was all her Su Qingyan's fault. Mother could be happy if we kill her."

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