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   Chapter 335 Rebuking (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6593

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After lunch, Murong Jingxuan and his parents left the Jiangjunfu.

After the departure of them, Suyun talked to Qingyan for a while before letting her leave.

Qingyan knew that her fate would be connected with that of Murong Jingxuan from now on.

From now on, she was no longer alone.

When Qingyan returned to the Yingshuang Palace, she saw Yaochi and the rest were practicing their swords earnestly. After seeing her, Yaochi took back withdrew the sword.

"Miss, you are back." Yaochi walked to Qingyan and said with a smile, "Miss, from now on, you are not alone anymore."

"But actually I'm never alone. I used to be with Junmo and you guys; and now I have Jingxuan, but you guys are still with me. That's why I'm never alone," Qingyan said with a smile.

Hearing what Qingyan said, the corners of Yaochi's mouth quirked up. "Miss, I'm really happy to hear that."

"Yaochi, as far as I'm concerned, you are all my family. So when I return to the headquarters, I will definitely treat them well."

Hearing what Qingyan said, Yaochi raised her hand and rubbed her head, "Miss, don't say that. Even if you are not there with them, they still love you."

Yaochi's words made Qingyan relaxed. She looked at Yaochi and said with a smile, "if you don't have anything to say, I'll go to read a book. It's so nice to be quiet for a while."

Looking at her face, Yaochi nodded seriously and said, "Okay, Miss, have a good rest."

Looking at the disappearing figure of Qingyan, a smile cracked Yaochi's lips.


At the Third Prince's mansion.

In order to welcome the principal concubine, all the servants had been waiting for her. They even hadn't had time to take a rest. Besides, Shaoyao even seriously urged the servants not to make trouble for the principal concubine after she came.

After all, she was just an inferior concubine.

But in the eyes of the servants, this inferior concubine was more valuable than the principal conc

cubine Yi said without hesitation, "no, I just want to taste the cooking of you today." She held Shaoyao's hand and said with a smile, "don't worry, Shaoyao. As long as I am here, she dares not to bully you."

Hearing this, Shaoyao said gently, "mother, it's really not important. After all, Luo Yiqian was an accident."

Shaoyao's mention of Luo Yiqian made Concubine Yi angrier. "It's fine if you don't mention her. But I'm telling you, you shouldn't be so good tempered. If someone bullies you, my son will be upset."

Hearing this, Shaoyao nodded, "I know."

Su Qingwen had never knelt on the ground for so long. She could feel the cold air on the ground pricking her knees. But she couldn't show any impatience on her face. She could only watch Concubine Yi treat Shaoyao very well.

At this moment, Xuanyuan Yvzhe's voice came. "Mother, greetings!"

"Son, you're here just in time," Concubine Yi looked at Xuanyuan Yvzhe and said with a smile. Pointing at Su Qingwen, she said impatiently, "This Miss Su accused Shaoyao of the poor cooking skills. I was going to ask her to make the same cakes for you. What do you think, son?"

"Okay!" As Xuanyuan Yvzhe spoke, he glanced at Su Qingwen, and then said with a smile, "I also want to have a taste of the dishes cooked by Miss Su. What do you think?"

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