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   Chapter 333 The Proposal (Ⅲ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 5814

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Early in the next morning, Zizhu and Baizhi were screaming like ghosts. When Qingyan opened the door with sleepy eyes, she saw that they were all sitting in front of the door. But Yaochi and his fellows were not frightened at all.

"Miss, why are there so many pythons in our yard! And there are all kinds of pythons. " While speaking, Zizhu and Baizhi hid behind Qingyan. "Miss, are these pythons are not the same as that Yunmang?" They asked cautiously.

"Miss, who sent these pythons here? Does he want to hurt you?" "Early this morning when I entered the yard, I saw these pythons. Miss, do you think they will eat us?'' Zizhu said indignantly. ''!"

Looking at the pythons, Qingyan seemed to be in a daze. Finally, what Zizhu said made her completely wake up.

"Miss, don't look as if you are still sleepy!" Looking at Qingyan, Baizhi said helplessly, "we are all going to die now."

"Nonsense!" Qingyan looked back and forth, and replied, "we don't know what's going on? Don't you think it's a little harsh? " Qingyan looked back at them and said.

"Miss, these pythons are really horrible! We are really scared. " Looking at Qingyan, Zizhu and Baizhi asked, "who will send these pythons to here?"

"How could I know? I just don't like your special hobby. " While staring at Qingyan, Zizhu pouted and said, "I have never seen Miss raise so many animals before. First Yaoyao and then Yunmang!"

"If you don't stop, I'll let these pythons swallow you up!" Qingyan threatened.

After hearing what Qingyan said, both of them calmed down immediately. Then they saw Qingyan calmly walk towards those pythons.

"Did he drive you here?" Qingyan looked at the pythons in the front and asked with a smile, "but, are these

t make it, they wouldn't agree him to marry Qingyan.

"Husband, don't worry. They will take care of Yanyan's matter." Looking at Suyun, Luobing said with a smile.

"Honey, I only have one request for Shizi, that is, he can only marry Yanyan. If he wants to marry someone else in the future, I will not agree." Hearing that, Luobing was surprised. Then he understood what was in Suyun's mind.

"Husband, it's between the two of them. Why do you have to interfere?" Luobing looked at Suyun and said lightly.

"Honey, I know what kind of person Yanyan is, so I won't allow such a thing to happen. If Shizi doesn't agree with my request, I will never agree to this marriage even if the emperor himself decreed."

Hearing his words, Luobing smiled gently and said, "Okay, let's see whether your son-in-law can promise it or not. After all, not everyone has the same idea with you."

Hearing what Luobing said, Suyun remained calm. He would never let his only daughter be wronged, even if he would that meant he had to give up his title of Marquis Dingguo.

At this time, the servant's voice was heard, "Wenxuan Lord couple and Shizi have arrvived!."

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