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   Chapter 319 Qilian Qingyue (Ⅱ)

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Hearing what Murong Jingxuan said, Qilian Qingyue didn't know what to do. She didn't come here not alone because there were no princes in the Nanchen Kingdom, but because no Prince wanted to come with her. Even Weisheng Yvjun didn't want to come with her. That was why things turned out like this.

Moreover, Qilian Qingyi did not want Weisheng Yvjun to come to the Donghe Kingdom. After all, Qilian Yvran was still angry with him because what he had done.

As for the Crown Prince and the princess, Weisheng Junyan liked them very much didn't want them to leave. So she could only come to the Donghe Kingdom alone and saw if this scheme would work out.

"Why don't you say anything? Is it because all the princes of your kingdom has died? " Looking at the look on Qilian Qingyue's face, Murong Jingxuan said seriously, "the Nanchen Kingdom doesn't have any sincerity at all. They just send a princess here. It seems the power of the Nanchen Kingdom must be very strong now."

Everyone present could hear the ridicule in Murong Jingxuan's tone, but Qilian Qingyue thought Murong Jingxuan was praising the Nanchen Kingdom, so she agreed with him without thinking. Of course. The power of our kingdom can't be underestimated, so naturally it's enough for me come here alone."

All the people present laughed out loud. Xuanyuan Yvzhen looked at Murong Jingxuan and said with a resigned expression, "Jingxuan, don't let people think that the princes of the Nanchen Kingdom have all died, okay?"

After hearing what Xuanyuan Yvzhen had said, Qilian Qingyue realized that Murong Jingxuan was not admiring the power of the Nanchen Kingdom at all. Instead, he was taunting that the Nanchen Kingdom had no heirs.

"I didn't mean it." Murong Jingxuan looked at Xuanyuan Yvzhen and said indifferently, "but it makes sense. You princess can figure out everything here by yourself.;;

Qilian Qingyue was so scared by Murong Jingxuan's words that she didn't dare to make an excuse

differently, "after all, Molan didn't do it deliberately."

Humph. Xuanyuan Yvzhen glared at Molan and snorted.

As Qingyan looked at Molan lying on the ground, she smiled as if she could still remember that before her death, Molan had said that she wanted to make her into a puppet.

''Yizhu, you had no chance to make me into a puppet for fun this time, but I have plenty of time to torture you instead.

At the thought of this, Qingyan clenched her fists. 'now that you've come to the Donghe Kingdom, you can't leave here safely. I won't let the two of you leave here at anymore.' Qingyan thought.

Just then, a servant pushed the door open and whispered something in Xuanyuan Yvzhen's ear. Then, Fengqing appeared beside the window and said something in Murong Jingxuan' ear. Finally Murong Jingxuan whispered something in Qingyan's ear.

When Qingyan heard this name, her eyes were wide. She covered her mouth to hold back her tears. She hadn't seen her father in her previous life for a long time.

The most regretful thing for her was that she hadn't been able to see Qilian Yvjun for the last time before she died. However, in order to protect her two children, Qilian Yvjun had resigned. But it was also a good thing. If he really stayed in the Qi clan, he would be involved in dangerous things.

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