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   Chapter 314 Test

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"Concubine Yi, greetings! Sorry for not being able to welcome you." Looking at Concubine Yi, Ning Sicai stepped forward with a smile.

Concubine Yi didn't come to her senses until she heard the Ning Sicai' voice.

She looked at Ning Sicai with a big smile on her face, and said, "what are you talking about, my dear sister? I heard that you were conferred the title of Zhaoyi, so I'm here to present my gift to you." As Concubine Yi spoke, she asked a servant to send the gift to Ning Sicai.

Without any hesitation, Ning Sicai accepted the gift and then invited her to the room.

Concubine Yi looked at the decorations in the Xianyin Palace and became more jealous of her. It was decorated so luxuriously, even more luxurious than her palace. But why a mere Zhaoyi could live in such a palace?

Ning Sicai had seen all of the expressions of Concubine Yi without being noticed.

It seemed that the imperial concubine was right. Concubine Yi was not good at hiding her feelings, and she was easy to be taken advantage of. So Concubine Yi came all the way here to draw Zhaoyi over to her side, or to help her defeat Xuanyuan Yvfan.

''Sister, your palace is great." Concubine Yi said peacefully as she looked at Ning Sicai.

Ning Sicai didn't care about the contempt in Concubine Yi's words. She said with a smile, "His Majesty told me that all the concubines living here are dead mysteriously. That's why I was allowed to live here."

Hearing Ning Sicai's words, Concubine Yi felt relieved. It seemed that even though the emperor favored Ning Sicai, it didn't mean that he would keep spoiling her. That was why she was allowed to live in the Xianyin Palace.

"Sister, we both know clearly that the emperor only cares about the imperial concubine. If I want to have a foothold in the harem, you should be the only one I can turn to."

Hearing Ning Sicai's words, Concubine Y

because of what happened last time. He didn't expect that even though she had become the Zhaoyi, she was still as soft and obedient as before. A daughter like her was the best chess piece.

If one day he could help Xuanyuan Yvfan become the emperor, the status of the Ning clan would also rise, so he must make good use of his daughter.

"Father, what else do you want to teach me?" Looking at Marquis Jingguo who was lost in thought, Ning Sicai smiled and said, "They have brought too many gifts today. I'm a little tired. If father has nothing else to speak to me, I want to take a rest."

Marquis Jingguo still smiled when hearing Ning Sicai's words. "If you are tired, you can go to rest. I don't have any advices. I just hope that you can visit help Yuelan when she goes to the imperial palace. "

Hearing Marquis Jingguo's words, Ning Sicai calmly nodded, "father, don't say that. We are family. Of course I will take good care of Yuelan. I'm her aunt."

That was exactly the answer Marquis Jingguo wanted to hear. He looked at the expression on Ning Sicai's face and nodded with satisfaction. If the emperor would spoil Ning Yuelan, it would be of no use to keep Ning Sicai anymore. To him. she was just a stepping stone, like her short-lived mother!

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