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   Chapter 313 Zhaoyi Ning (Ⅱ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6084

Updated: 2020-02-12 00:03

In the Kunning Palace.

"Have you heard that, master? That Cainv Ning has been promoted as Zhaoyi. Why do you look so calm? "

A smile emerged on the empress's face when she heard the maid's words. "There's nothing to worry about. No one can shake my position now."

"Master, what should I do now?" The maid looked at the empress with a look of helplessness. "Should we give a gift to Zhaoyi?"

The empress looked at the little maid by her side and nodded with a smile. "That's for sure. And I know why she was promoted as Zhaoyi."

She looked at the maid's face and curled her lips into a smile. "It must be the suggestion of that woman. If not, I'm afraid that even if she Cainv Ning dies in the palace, the emperor would not cast an eye on her."

The maid knew who the empress was referring to. She asked in confusion, "but why did the imperial concubine want to share emperor's love?"

The empress looked at the maid and shook her head resignedly. "Not really. I'm afraid something is going to happen recently."

When she remembered that the Crown Prince and she had been poisoned last time, she shook her head helplessly. "I'm afraid the imperial household will be busy again when the contest begins."

"But you are still the empress." The maid said seriously, looking at the empress.

"There must be a lot of girls who wanted to plot to win the emperor's love, but they will never know, the emperor will never spoil anyone other than the imperial concubines."

"Master, what kind of gift should we give to Zhaoyi?" The maid said seriously, looking at the empress.

"As you like. Don't lose the courtesy."

"I won't."

The empress grinned as she saw the maid leaving. It seemed that Emperor Hongjia was about to find a way to deal with Marquis Jingguo. Emperor Hongjia gave Cainv Ning the

this opportunity to? After all, Marquis Jingguo is also loyal to Second Prince. If we have the help of Zhaoyi in the imperial palace, it's also a good thing for us."

On hearing the maid's words, Concubine Yi widened her eyes, "are you serious? Did Marquis Jingguo once visit Ning Sicai? "

The maid nodded with respect. "Yes, I saw it with my own eyes."

A thought flashed through Concubine Yi's eyes when she heard the maid's words. It might be the best chance for her to win over Zhaoyi Ning. Otherwise, it would be hard to do it later.

"What you said makes sense. Go and prepare a great gift for her now. I will go to congratulate her myself. " As Concubine Yi spoke, she sat in front of the mirror. "Help me with my makeup."


After helping Concubine Yi dress up, she was about to send gifts to the Xianyin Palace. And as soon as she arrived at the Xianyin Palace, she saw all kinds of gifts.

After inquiry, she was told that these gifts were sent by the empress and the imperial concubine, as well as the gifts from his majesty.

Seeing that, Concubine Yi had to clench her fists and pretend to be decent.

However, all that had fallen into the eyes of Ning Sicai. So she smiled.

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