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   Chapter 312 Zhaoyi Ning (Ⅰ)

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Updated: 2020-02-11 00:33

When the eunuch told her this news, Cainv Ning looked incredulous. She was still in the stage of shock, and it was not until Zhuer reminded her that she came back to his senses from the embarrassment.

"Cainv, the emperor is coming here tonight. Please take good care of him." The eunuch said with a smiling face, and then went back.

Looking at the appearance of Cainv Ning, Zhuer said with a smile, "Cainv, I know that the imperial concubine won't eat her words. She will definitely let your majesty come."

Although Cainv Ning didn't know why Emperor Hongjia came here, she knew it must be for the sake of Qilian Yvran. So what?

Did Emperor Hongjia really love her? Would he really share some intimate moments with her? That was just impossible.

It was said that Emperor Hongjia hadn't slept with another woman since the imperial concubine appeared. The reason why he Emperor Hongjia came here was because of Qilian Yvran's request.

"Mistress, why do you look like that! Why don't you get dressed up and entertain his majesty well? " Looking at the woman who was sitting there motionless, Zhuer had no choice but to speak helplessly.

"No, thank you. Your majesty will come and only chat with me. That's all." Cainv Ning raised her head and smiled at Zhuer, "don't worry about anything else."

Zhuer planned to quietly leave. Then she met Emperor Hongjia. Emperor Hongjia waved to her to let her go.

"You have a clear estimation of yourself."

When Cainv Ning heard the voice, she turned around and saw a man in bright yellow standing in a short distance. Cainv Ning immediately stood up to greet, "Your Majesty."

"It doesn't matter." "Compared with Ning Siyao, you are like t


She knew clearly that Emperor Hongjia just wanted to use to deal with Marquis Jingguo. Especially in this situation, the best way for her was to find a way to fight against Marquis Jingguo.

She could imagine the flattering smile on the face of Marquis Jingguo, but she would definitely not tell him about this.

"Zhaoyi, we can get out of here after cleaning up. Maybe we will never come back." Zhuer looked at Cainv with a joyful smile.

Cainv looked at the place where she had lived for ten years and nodded with a smile.

When she had chosen to cooperate with Qilian Yvran, she had known that nothing would go back. Moreover, she had believed that Qilian Yvran was able to protect her.

"Zhuer, we don't have anything here, so we don't need to bring anything." Cainv looked at Zhuer with a shallow smile on her face.

"I know." Zhuer put all the jewelries in the box while speaking.

When she walked out of the gate of the yard, she saw a group of servants and maids standing at the door respectfully. When they saw Cainv, they all bowed respectfully. "Zhaoyi."

Zhaoyi Ning smiled and said, "Get up."

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