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   Chapter 307 Fengrui (Ⅱ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 5963

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No one knew about Fengrui's past except Murong Jingxuan because Murong Jingxuan saved his life.

Fengrui had always thought that if it were not for Murong Jingxuan's help at that time, he would not have been alive now, especially as a member of the Feng clan.

But he had never forgotten the hatred in his heart, especially that when he was a prince. But so what? With his current ability, he had no way to go back to that place to help his mother revenge.

Unlike Weisheng Yvning. who had the aid of Weisheng Junmo, he had relied on himself to live till now. He had relied on all the efforts in the Qixing Hall.

No one knew that he belonged to the Qixing Hall, and no one knew that he was the prince of the Beilin Kingdom.

He survived with only hate, hoping to help his mother revenge one day.

"Young master, the girl who came here today must be the daughter of that woman." The servant who was standing next to Fengrui said seriously, "it might be a good thing if you killed the girl."

Looking at the masked man beside him, Fengrui said with a smile, "but master told me not do so. I do hate Fengqin, but I have no feelings for her daughter. She actually wants to deal with Shizi's future wife."

Hearing what Fengrui said, the man next to him said respectfully, "if she knows your character, I think she will not come to you again."

Fengrui looked at him and said with a smile, "of course she won't come to me again. I know what kind of person Fengqin is! I know clearly how that kind of woman has hidden herself in the Donghe Kingdom. I don't believe she would become a good person. "

"You mean?" The masked man looked at Fengrui and said respectfully.

"We can disguise as the subordiantes of my father and try to sow dissension among them. After al

ern show. It's said to be an interesting one." Qingyan nodded.

Looking at Qingyan, Murong Jingxuan nodded with a smile. "Good idea. Especially tonight, we can see rare ice lamps. There will be a performance of guessing lantern riddles on the Shangyuan festival. This activity has always been praised by the people."

"Guess a riddle?" Murong Jingxuan's words piqued her interest.

Just then, a white pigeon landed on Murong Jingxuan' arm. Murong Jingxuan fondled it dotingly, and the pigeon responded him with a tender kiss.

Looking at the expression on Murong Jingxuan' face, Qingyan asked, "did something happen?"

Murong Jingxuan put the paper back into her hand. Surprisingly, Qingyan read it and stared at Murong Jingxuan. "I didn't expect you to know Fengrui, and you saved him?"

Wesley looked at Melissa and nodded seriously. "But it happened many years ago. I didn't know that Fengrui was actually the prince of the Beilin Kingdom. Now we can make use of him. At least, he will be our most powerful pawn when we want to deal with others."

"Yes, you're right. If we can rule the world with our power, Fengrui will be our trump card," Qingyan praised him smilingly.

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