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   Chapter 305 Vengeance

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The matter of Cui Chujun was finally know by Emperor Hongjia. Nevertheless, when Xuanyuan Yvzhen told Emperor Hongjia the whole thing, Emperor Hongjia thought he Cui Chujun deserved it.

Although Wenxuan Lord was alwyas in the south region, he still had his title. Besides, he loved his wife very much.

After hearing what Xuanyuan Yvzhen had said, Emperor Hongjia allowed him to make the final decision. According to what he said, he put the contraceptive pill at the most conspicuous place in the capital for charity.

Xuanyuan Yvxiu was disappointed. She didn't expect that Murong Jingxuan would be so ruthless as to throw her out that day. She was a princess, but she was nothing in Murong Jingxuan's eye. Xuanyuan She could only watch Murong Jingxuan give all his love to that woman called Su Qingyan.

She was full of resentment at the thought of this. How could a princess be defeated by a Junzhu? Moreover, Qingyan used to be laughed at by everyone in the Diqiu City.

Xuanyuan Yvxiu stared at Xuanyuan Yvfan who was sitting next to him and said with dissatisfaction, "second brother, why didn't you help me? If you had said something to help me, I wouldn't end up like that."

Xuanyuan Yvfan stared at her impatiently and asked, "Yvxiu, do you think why would I dare to come out? I thought it was the best choice to take you there, but you chose to set yourself against Su Qingyan. You know I sacrificed a Shangshu for you. "

Hearing Xuanyuan Yvfan's impatient tone, she curled her lips with dissatisfaction. "J, you know I didn't mean that. I just feel that why such a woman can stand beside Shizi. I am the only perfect match for him."

"Jingshu I advise you to take your plan back from Murong Jingxuan. He's not someone you can mess with. Although the emperor is afraid of his father's military power, he didn't do anything about it. The only reason is that the emperor still wants take advantage of it help the

say that you're my daughter. I think this person should be able to help us take revenge."

Xuanyuan Yvxiustared at the name on her hand and asked in confusion, "mother, who is this?"

Fengqin looked at Xuanyuan Yvxiu and said with a smile, "this man is your cousin, and also your uncle's biological son. I know he is doing business in the Capital City and in fact, he is inquiring about information in the Donghe Kingdom, so you can tell him now."

Hearing the words of Fengqin, Xuanyuan Yvxiu nodded earnestly. "I will definitely save you out of here at that time. You will still be the respected Concubine Xian."

Fengqin looked at Xuanyuan Yvxiu with a smile and shook his head. "Yvxiu, you don't understand. Even if I can get out, I will never be able to become Concubine Xian again. You have to know that my mother I have done many bad things to become Concubine Xian. But now I have to seek redemption. I'm sorry that I have you lagged behind." She patted Xuanyuan Yvxiu's head with a bitter smile.

Ever since Fengqin was degraded as Cainv, she had been haunted by nightmares every night, as if those bloody facts had happened in front of her eyes. The only thing she could do now was to protect her only daughter, so that even if she died, she would have nothing to worry about.

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