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   Chapter 301 An Old Friend (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6374

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Looking at the expression on Qingyan's face, Suyun didn't say what he really thought. He knew that Qingyan had grown up and had the ability to protect herself, but in his eyes, she was still a child.

Looking at the expression on Suyun's face, Qingyan suddenly remembered that there was exactly the same expression on Qilian Yvjun's face in her dream last night. Then she held Suyun's hand and said, "father, don't worry. I'll finish everything on the premise of keeping myself safe."

Hearing her words, Suyun nodded and said, "I believe you."

After breakfast, Qingyan left for the house of the Shizi's mansion, which was three blocks away from here. On her way, she had a snap in the carriage.


Early in the morning, Murong Jingxuan had helped them to prepare the banquet. After all, it was the first time for her to hold a banquet in. Therefore, Murong Jingxuan arranged the whole banquet himself. All the people were his subordinates, leaving no chance for his inferior concubine and her two sons to touch the things in the banquet.

"Mom, Murong Jingxuan didn't even give us a chance. What do you think we should do?" Looking at Jv Yvping, Murong Jingchang said helplessly, "if we miss this opportunity, we don't know what we can do it next time."

Looking at the busy figures in the yard, Jv Yvping shook her hand helplessly. "Murong Jingxuan has arranged his men here. It's inconvenient for us to get involved in this matter, so we have to give it up this time."

Hearing what Jv Yvping said, Murong Jingchang and Murong Jingxin shook their heads helplessly. "Mom, if we miss this opportunity, we really don't have any other chances."

Of course, Jv Yvping knew what they really meant. But now they had no chance at all, especially under such a circumstance.

"Listen to me, we'll find an opportunity to kill him. As long as Zhongli Jingshu dies, I'll be his wife, and you'll

m stood in front of the princess and naturally opened the boxes.

Lady Shun Qing walked towards the takeout box and widened her eyes at it. It was her favorite five color cake and she hadn't had such a piece of cake for many years. It was made by her best friend Melissa.

And now, the five color cake appeared in front of her again in such a way.

Looking at the five-color cake in front of her, she immediately picked up a piece and started to eat it without hesitation. It tasted the same, as if she had gone back to many years ago.

She put the rest cake aside and walked up to Qingyan. "How did you make it? Who taught you that? "

Qingyan smiled at her and said, "Since Morong Shizi invited me to the mansion, and I've always been thinking about what gift I should give you. In my dream, I got a master's guidance and made five-color cake."

Jingshu held her hand and asked, "have you ever seen his face?"

Looking at the agitated Jingshu, Qingyan said calmly, "I didn't see her, but she just kept saying that this is your favorite pastry. I guess you should like it very much, so I made it."

Jingshu couldn't conceal her excitement. "Did you know her name?"

Looking at her, Qingyan continued with a smile, "she said her name is Qilian Qingyan."

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