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   Chapter 299 Her Purpose

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6305

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Hearing Xuanyuan Yvzhen's words, Qilian Yvran's face darkened. "Now that he arranged you to meet the princess, then just do it. I do not want to be involved in the matter of the Qilian clan. My only dear niece, Qilian Qingyan, is dead. "

Xuanyuan Yvzhen knew Qilian Yvran would say so.

Presently, Qilian Yvran was the only elder of the Qilian clan, so of course they wanted to get along with Qilian Yvran. But they did not know that Qilian Yvran did not like them at all, except Qilian Yvjun.

"Mother, they must have some hidden intentions. I think we can't wait until they take actions." Xuanyuan Yvzhen asked earnestly as he stared at Qilian Yvran.

Qilian Yvran knew that Su Qingyan would not let go of the princess who came for the purpose of marriage. After all, Qingyan even hated the Qilian clan more than her.

"Son, you can discuss it with Yanyan." Qilian Yvran regained his composure, stared at Xuanyuan Yvzhen and asked earnestly, "moreover, I also want to know what Yanyan will do next."

Hearing Qilian Yvran's words, Xuanyuan Yvzhen nodded earnestly. "Then I'll ask Yanyan what to do tomorrow."

Qilian Yvran looked at Xuanyuan Yvzhen and nodded earnestly. Just as she was about to speak, she heard the voice of Emperor Hongjia. "Ranran, fourth son, you are both here!"

"Hongjia, does my son need to welcome that princess, Qilian Qingyue in person?" Qilian Yvran looked at Emperor Hongjia and said earnestly.

Seeing the expression on Qilian Yvran's face, Emperor Hongjia nodded earnestly. "Yes, you're right. I know you don't like Qilian Qingyue, but now the strength of our Donghe Kingdom is not as strong as that of the Nanchen Kingdom. The common people will suffer if the war begins.''

Qilian Yvran listened to Emperor Hongjia and nodded earnestly. "I know it clearly. Moreover, the reason why they take a princess here at this time is just fo

omeone to inform the young general to come back early. Maybe he can be able to meet the elder general." Qingyan looked at Yaochi and nodded seriously.

Yaochia knew that the young general mentioned by Qingyan. Lianyang should have also got the news. "The young general has been informed. I think they should be able to meet each other."

Hearing what Yaochi said, Qingyan nodded seriously. "Good. According to the rules, your majesty should entertain the old general himself. Mother should have known the news."

Looking at the serious expression on Qingyan's face, Yaochi nodded and said, "yes. But I have investigated the event about the Marquis Jingguo."

Qingyan rubbed her chin and said, "we can talk about it in details after Jingshu's birthday. After all, I also want to draw Ning Chenhui over to our side."

Looking at Qingyan's face, Yaochi still nodded earnestly. "Yes, I understand."

''Yaochi, do you think I should meet elder general this time? As long as my mother doesn't talk about me, and Taoist Yunhen doesn't talk about me, elder general won't know that I was Qilian Qingyan. I used to be his daughter."

Hearing what Qingyan said, Yaochi said slowly, "Miss, if you are worried about elder general, you can meet him in person."

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