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   Chapter 298 Five-color cake (Ⅱ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6320

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Qingyan had made several same five-color cakes in the kitchen. She selected thirty-five different tastes of cakes and put them into a delicate box, and then put five pieces in a box, seven boxes in total. The box was also made by the Wanshou Pavilion.

The patterns on it were all Zhongli Jingshu's favorite flowers. It took Qingyan a lot of effort to prepare the gift for her. Looking at the food she prepared, Qingyan smiled.

"Here you are. Tomorrow is very crucial. You must keep them well." Looking at them, Qingyan stated seriously, "this is the birthday present I give to Wenxuan Lord's wife."

"I understand." The people in the kitchen looked at Qingyan and answered respectfully.

"Miss, what about the rest cakes? It seems that each pot has a different taste. " Zizhu looked at Qingyan and said earnestly.

"It took me a lot of time to prepare the five-color cakes. Since we have prepared so many, why don't we take some to aunt, Miner, father and mother?" As Qingyan spoke, she dusted herself. "Prepare some for the banquet, and send to Shizi. And, give my adoptive and also Liushang." Qingyan reminded them earnestly.

It was not until she thought of Princess Chunyuan that she shook her head helplessly. "There's one more for Princess Chunyun." Qingyan turned around, looked at Yaochi and ordered.

"I understand."

"That's good. I'll take a rest first. If you don't have anything else to do later, you can just wait for the dinner to wake me up."


According to what Qingyan said, everyone in the Jiangjunfu received the gift. Suyun and Luobing didn't expect that Qingyan could cook. However, they knew that there seemed to be many secrets on Qingyan, but Qingyan didn't want to tell them, so they could only pretend that they didn't know.

The piece of cake for Liushang was sent by Yaochi, and the one for Murong Jingxuan was sent by Yanmei. A

Yanyan. If I can only see her happy, then I'm willing to protect her and not hurt her."

As Qilian Yvran heard what Xuanyuan Yvzhen said, her eyes widened. She never thought that Xuanyuan Yvzhen would also have a crush on Su Qingyan, especially in this situation. But considering her character, how could she marry a prince? After all, what she yearned for was the kind of loyalty and everlasting love.

"Son, you can be her brother in this life," As Qilian Yvran spoke, she patted Xuanyuan Yvzhen on the shoulder. "By the way, tomorrow is Wenxuan Lord's wife's birthday. Please help mother choose a gift for her. It's not convenient for me to go out of the imperial palace."

Xuanyuan Yvzhen seriously nodded and said, "I understand."

He thought of the princess Emperor Hongjia once mentioned. She should have arrived at the Diqiu City by the Shangyuan festival. Although Emperor Hongjia didn't want Xuanyuan Yvzhen to welcome her, the emperor of the Nanchen Kingdom, Weisheng Junyan, ordered Xuanyuan Yvzhen to welcome this princess.

"Mum, what should I do if this is Weisheng Junyan's order for me to welcome this princess?" Xuanyuan Yvzhen stared at Qilian Yvran and said earnestly, "I know you don't like her, so how am I going to do with it?"

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