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   Chapter 297 Five-color Cake (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 5834

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The moment they parted, Qingyan put the gift for Zhongli Jingshu on the agenda. According to Zhongli Jingshu's habits, she liked the five-color cake made by Qilian Qingyan. She still remembered that Jingshu it most every time she came to her mansion. But after she married Wenxuan Lord, she never got the chance to eat it again.

Qingyan smiled when she recalled that they used to be friends. She still felt familiar with some things, even though she was not Qilian Qingyan anymore.

At that time, she was not willing to admit her identity to Qilian Yvran, because she did not want to put her family members in danger.

As for Weisheng Yvning, he had decided to complete his mission. Moreover, the bracelet she gave him meant a lot to him.

Noticing that Qingyan was busy cooking in the kitchen, Zizhu and Baizhi asked, "Zizhu, when do you think Miss can cook? I remember that she doesn't like cooking in the past."

Zizhu looked at Baizhi and shook her head resignedly. "I don't know, but I heard from Huangcen that you made a lot of rich dishes and cakes last time, but unfortunately when I came back, they're already gone." She shrugged, pretending to be pitiful.

"The point is that Huangcen has taken them as her own, and she ate all the leftovers with her fellows." Baizhilooked at Qingyan, who was helping Huangcen in the kitchen and spoke discontentedly, "I should learn to cook, so that I can also eat the food cooked by Miss."

"Baizhi, if you learn how to cook, then who should be responsible for Miss's daily dress?" Qingdai looked at Baizhi with a smile and said, "Huangcen can cook, but it is impossible to let her help Miss dress up."

Hearing the words of Qingdai, Chishao said with a smile, "you're right,. It se

r cake and slowly ate it.

Anying also picked up a piece of cake and ate it.

It seemed that they hadn't eaten a piece of five-color cake for almost five years. They didn't expect to see such a delicious piece of cake once again in their lifetime.

"Miss, you are still good at making five-color cakes! Yummy! " Then Yanmei smiled and said, "It's my favorite cake."

Seeing the action of Yanmei, Yaochi could not help but give him a slap, "brother, look at you! Miss is still alive, isn't she?"

However, even Zizhu and Baizhi didn't understand the real meaning of Yaochi's words, Qingdai and Chishao did understand it.

The four of them came from the Wanshou Pavilion, and they only listened to the orders of the Sect Supremo. The reason why Qingyan allowed them to stay by her side was that she was probably the Sect Supremo.

That was why the four stewards were here with her. Judging from Yanmei's words, they must have known each other for a long time.

And the only possibility was that the present Su Qingyan was Qilian Qingyan.

At the thought of this, Qingdai looked up at the figure busy in the kitchen and was suddenly enlightened.

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