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   Chapter 294 Future Mother-in-law (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6136

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After hearing what Murong Jingxuan said, Zhongli Jingshu nodded her head, "Okay, if you're telling the truth, I will be really satisfied with her."

Murong Jingxuan looked at them and nodded earnestly. "Okay. I'll go and inform Yanyan. She'll give you a surprise gift. Then, she won't lose face in front of her future mother-in-law."

Watching Murong Jingxuan's receding figure, Zhongli Jingshu turned to Wenxuan Lord and asked, "honey, which kind of person Marquis Dingguo is? And which prince does my son support?"

Wenxuan Lord looked at Zhongli Jingshu and said with a smile, "don't worry, honey. My son will certainly arrange everything. And we don't need to interfere. Sooner or later, my military power will be inherited by my son."

Hearing what Wenxuan Lord said, Zhongli Jingshu lowered her head and said, "it's all my fault. I haven't been with him for so many years. It's lucky that Jingxuan doesn't blame me. Otherwise, I don't know what to do."

"Honey, it's their own business. After I give the military leadership to Jingxuan, I'll take you to go wherever you go and leave all the affairs in the world to the younger generation. But Jingxuan is not interested in the politics at all."

With her head resting on the shoulder of Wenxuan Lord, Zhongli Jingshu said, "husband, you know, once upon a time, Qilian Qingyan also had such a dream. If one day I can help her to realize it, I will be very happy."

Wenxuan Lord hugged Zhongli Jingshu on her shoulder and said, "Honey, we are all going to be happy. Even if Empress Xianyi is gone, she must be sad to see you like this."

Looking at Wenxuan Lord, Zhongli Jingshu nodded and said, "you're right. Yanyan also wants me to be happy, so we should try to smile at this moment."

Wenxuan Lord remembered that Murong Jingxuan had mentioned Su Qingyan. Then he l

didn't want to put her in danger, especially in such a situation.

Although she was protected by the members of the Wanshou Pavilion and she was good at martial arts, no one could guarantee that accidents would not happen to her. Especially when it came to her special identity.

"Yanyan, what if my mother became suspicious your identity?" Murong Jingxuan looked at Qingyan and asked seriously.

His mother, Zhongli Jingshu had a rigorous character. Although she looked gentle and graceful, only he knew that his mother was not someone to be bullied. It seemed that she didn't care about those things, as Wenxuan Lord didn't like his concubine at all.

"Of course I know how to deal with it." Looking at him, Qingyan smiled. "This time, Wenxuan Lord takes his concubine with him?"

"They still want to stay in the Capital City. As for the two idiots, I don't care." Murong Jingxuan looked at Qingyan and nodded seriously.

Qingyan knew about the two sons of the concubine, who were once mentioned in Jingshu's letters. They were quite scheming. They were good at playing with power and wanted to get their own position. Unfortunately, Wenxuan Lord didn't pay much attention to them, let alone that concubine.

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