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   Chapter 292 Wenxuan Lord (Ⅰ)

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After taking care of the matter, Murong Jingxuan went back to his mansion. He hadn't sat down to have a good talk with Wenxuan Lord and the others about Qingyan. Especially this time, they brought all the family members to the Capital City. They not only brought concubine here, but also the two sons of her.

Wenxuan Lord did not like the two children. Although the concubine wanted to win Wenxuan Lord's heart, he only loved Zhongli Jingshu.

Looking at the two sons standing in front of him, Wenxuan Lord said impatiently, "are you sure you want to stay in the Capital City?"

Murong Jingchang and Murong Jingxin looked at each other and then at Wenxuan Lord. They said seriously, "yes, father. After all, we all want to perform well in political affairs."

Of course, Wenxuan Lord knew what his two sons were planning to do. But it was a good idea to leave them in the Capital City, but they didn't have a place to live. After all, this was the mansion of Murong Shizi.

"In that case, I'll buy you a house for you. This mansion was given by the emperor, it's not convenient for you to live here." Wenxuan Lord looked at them and said calmly.

"Thank you, father." They looked at each other, turned around and left smilingly.

But when they left, the other man came out from the curtain. "Father, you know what they are thinking about, but you still dare to leave them here. If I kill them by accident, don't blame me at that time."

Seeing Murong Jingxuan walk out from behind the curtain, Wenxuan Lord waved his hand helplessly. "It would be good if you could really kill them. After all, that woman has been making trouble for your mother."

Humph. Murong Jingxuan snorted.

Looking at Murong Jingxuan, Wenxuan Lord rubbed his forehead awkwardly. "I know you've been blaming me for all these years, but I don't like that concubine at all!"

"Father, you should know that's not what I meant." "I don't think that woman can defeat my

ord and said calmly.

Wenxuan Lord had already heard about it, which was told by Qilian Yvran when Jingshu came to the imperial palace. Jingshu and Qilian Yvran were rather close, not to mention that they were sisters.

"By the way, I heard your mother mention the girl named Qingyan. I heard that she looked very similar to the former Empress Xianyi. She might hear the news from the imperial concubine" Wenxuan Lord looked at Murong Jingxuan and said earnestly.

"She is the daughter of Marquis Dingguo and is also the adoptive daughter of the imperial concubine. The emperor also gave her the title of Junzhu Leyi." Murong Jingxuan looked at him and said indifferently, "the fourteenth day is mother's birthday. If mother wants to see her, I will bring her here."

"You know, Jingxuan," Taking a look at Murong Jingxuan, Wenxuan Lord said flatly, "your mother and Empress Xianyi have always been best friends, so I don't want to disappoint her."

Looking at Wenxuan Lord, Murong Jingxuan nodded his head. "That's for sure. I have already known about the relationship between mother and Empress Xianyi, but Qingyan is not Empress Xianyi. What's more, Empress Xianyi has passed away for more than six years. Although my mother takes a fancy to her bestie, she should get out of the pain as well."

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