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   Chapter 290 Luo Yiqian's Death (Ⅲ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6093

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"Don't worry. It's just a dislocation." Qingyan looked at the two men in front of him lying on the ground and said playfully.

"Your Highness, our master always acts in this way. I hope you don't mind." Jinhuan looked at Xuanyuan Yvfan with an apologetic smile. "I happens our master is here today, so we have to deal with Luo Yiqian according in our rules."

Luo Yijue's face was full of remorse when he looked at Luo Yiqian. After all, everything was caused by him, especially in this case. If were not for his vicious plan, how could she end up like this.

After taking a glance at Luo Yijue, Luo Yiqian didn't look at him anymore. She knew that she had been given up. She had become a useless chess piece, so it was time to pull it out.

She noticed the remorse in Luo Yijue's eyes. At least, she felt lucky to have such a brother. After all, Luo Yijue treated her very well in this respect.

At least, everything he did was for her sake.

"Don't bother anymore." Luo Yiqian stood up and looked at Jinhuan. She wiped away her tears, smiled and said, "I'm willing to receive your guest."

Hearing her words, Jinhuan turned to look at Qingyan, who was standing aside. "Mister, are you satisfied now? Shaoyao have been bullied, and we can't turn a blind eye to it."

Qingyan looked at Jinhuan and nodded her head slightly. "She just needs some pains so she can remember that the girl from the Yihong Brothel is not that easy to be bullied."

Hearing what she said, Su Qingming seemed to have foreseen what would happen to Su Qingwen after she married to the Third Prince's mansion. He was determined to tell Su Qingteng in person after this matter was over.

"Little beauty, don't blame me." Then Jinhuan held Luo Yiqian's hand and went on, "you are supposed to be valuable, but you are not a virgin a

ing Chenhui, Qingyan suddenly remembered Ning Chenyi. It was said that Ning Chenyi had been lingering here for a long time since he was brought here by the Third Prince.

"As for the Fifth Prince, he didn't come here often recently. I guess he is grounded." Jinhuan replied respectfully, "After all, the Third Prince is not a regular guest anymore."

Hearing that, Qingyan nodded. "Good. Then let's wait and see what the Fifth Prince is up to."

Just then, Procuress Rong knocked on the door and said, "Miss, the woman in the next room is dead. What should we do?"

Hearing her words, Jinhuan turned to Qingyan and asked, "Miss, how should we deal with the body?"

"Nothing serious. Just throw it to the cemetery." "Forget it. Let's go and have a look" Qingyan continued after a pause.

They followed Procuress Rong to the next room. Lying on the bed, Luo Yiqian's eyes were slightly closed, as if she had died in her sleep, without accepting any pain.

Looking at the sleepy face of Luo Yiqian, Qingyan continued with a smile, "her mother, Jiang Xinyue, doesn't have a grave. As her daughter, she should have the same ending. Let her be left in a mass grave and then bitten by those worms and snakes."

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