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   Chapter 289 Luo Yiqian's Death (Ⅱ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6227

Updated: 2020-02-06 00:03

Looking at their faces, Luo Yiqian seemed to have already guessed what would happen to her, and she became more convinced of her guess she heard the words of Jinhuan.

Although she had thought of this way to deal with Shaoyao, it Luo Yijue who gave her the suggestion.

If Luo Yijue didn't offer this method to her, she would never think of it. After all, she knew clearly that if a woman went through such things, her life would be over. She would rather stay in the woodshed than face the current situation.

"It seems that you can't wait to receive them." With these words, Jinhuan pinched Luo Yiqian's chin and said, "will you die without a man?"

Luo Yiqian stared Jinhuan and shook her head desperately. Jinhuan thought she was pitiful, so she took off the rag from Luo Yiqian;s mouth.

She knelt down towards Xuanyuan Yvzhe and said, "Your Highness, please don't do this to me. I promise that I will never bully your concubine again." She kept kowtowing on the ground as she spoke.

"She thinks she can get out after entering our place, but it's impossible." "Well, you never thought that you would end up like this when you decided to deal with Shaoyao, right?" Jinhuan asked in a low voice.

Luo Yiqian looked up at Jinhuan and shook her head. "Please let me go. I can give you money," Cried Luo Yiqian, looking at Jinhuan.

"Huaner, how can you lack money since you run such a giant Yihong Brothel?" Qingyan said coldly, "You should tell Shizi if you need money. I think Shizi still has a large amount of money."

As Jinhuan spoke, she clenched her handkerchief and looked at Qingyan with a blushing face. ", Tou must be kidding. We have countless money here."

"I knew it!" Then Qingyan walked towards Murong Jingxuan. "If that's the case, why don't we just do it according to the rules of the Yihong Brothel?"

"Got it!"


trying to stir trouble in our place. What else can you do except bullying women?"

Xuanyuan Yvfan stared at the young man in black brocade. He had never thought that the young man would be the owner of the Yihong Brothel, and it seemed that he had a profound internal force.

"So what? Women are born to be bullied by men, am I wrong? " Luo Yijue also said in a low voice, ''You are in no position to judge us. You are also a man, can you say you have never bullied a woman?''

"Yes, don't you feel ashamed?" Looking at Qingyan, Su Qingming said impatiently, "you are just relying on more people to win the game."

"Jingxuan, I didn't expect that the people from the Diqiu City would be so rude," "I haven't met such an interesting opponent for a long time." Qingyan turned to Murong Jingxuan and said with a playful smile.

"If you are interested, I'll leave them to you," "But he's a prince after all. Don't embarrass them." Murong Jingxuan looked at Qingyan and said.

Qingyan nodded at Murong Jingxuan. Then, with the lightning speed, Qingyan crippled the arms of Luo Yijue and Su Qingming. No one knew how she did it, because they could only hear the noise. Next, Luo Yijue and Su Qingming were lying on the ground in pain.

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