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   Chapter 287 Going To The Imperial Palace

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6238

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Shaoyao hadn't expected that Qingyan would make such a suggestion. But when she thought of what happened to Su Qingyuan, she understood why Qingyan had become so cynical.

She had heard about the history of Qingyan from Jinhuan, but she didn't take it seriously at that time. Now she was wrong. The girl in front of her had not reached 15 years old, but her plotting seemed to be far beyond ordinary people.

"You might think I am too cruel, I understand. But now that Luo Yiqian is useless, we might just get rid of her." Taking a look at Shaoyao, Qingyan said, "I think you can understand what I mean."

Shaking her head, Shaoyao continued, "I don't think you're cruel, Miss. After all, it's what Luo Yiqian deserves."

"I'm glad you can say so," Qingyan said with a smile, looking at Shaoyao. While looking at Shaoyao, Qingyan held her hand and said, "I know it's not fair for you to stay here, but you have to believe me."

In fact, Shaoyao didn't think it was unfair for her to stay here. Instead, it was a blessing for them to be used as a pawn as a member of the Wanshou Pavilion. Perhaps only at this time did they feel useful, even if they were best at bewitching people.

But if they didn't go out see the world, they would have to be trapped in the Wanshou Pavilion all their lives and work hard in the headquarters.

It was very lucky for her to have the chance to walk out of the Wanshou Pavilion to have a look, not to mention that such a thing not happened in many cases.

"Miss, I don't feel wronged." "I always feel honored to do this for you," said Shaoyao with a smile, looking at Qingyan.

Qingyan knew the meaning of Shaoyao's words. Even if the Wanshou Pavilion trained had trained many excellent spies, there were very few people being with her in the end. What's more, there had already been four stewards by her side. So

him with tearful eyes, Shaoyao continued, "I would rather die than be insulted by those rude men."

"It's not your fault." Xuanyuan Yvzhe was even more distressed when he saw the look of Shaoyao. That was why he was willing to marry Shaoyao. It was because Shaoyao was kind and considerate.

"Your Highness, when the principal concubine marries you, you have to treat us equally." Shaoyao looked at him and said seriously, "She is principal concubine after all. It's a pity that I can't get pregnant. If you have no heir, you will be looked down upon."

Hearing what Shaoyao said, Xuanyuan Yvzhe once again took her into his arms and said, "don't worry, you can rest assured. I will have a child with Su Qingwen. Even if you can't be pregnant, you are still the one I love most, and Su Qingwen will not dare to bully you."

Leaning against Xuanyuan Yvzhe's chest, Shaoyao answered in a low voice, "I'm so lucky to marry your highness."

Xuanyuan Yvzhe grabbed the hand of Shaoyao and put it beside his lips. "Shaoyao, you know, it's my luck to marry you. If I were still the same as before, you would definitely not marry me. Moreover, I have promised your boss that I would take good care of you, so I will definitely not eat my words."

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